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1999.08.22 - Bizarre Festival

Content Type: Chatroom Transcript
Interviewed: Chris Cheney, Scott Owen, Travis Demsey
Album Era: The Living End (Self Titled)

Chat Transcript - Bizarre Festival

Date: 22.08.1999
Featuring: Chris Cheney, Scott Owen, Travis Demsey



13th Bizarre-Festival

22. August 1999

Köln, Butzweiler Hof

Während des 13th Bizarre-Festival konntet Ihr live mit The Living End chatten. Hier haben wir einige Textpassagen und ein Foto für Euch.

*** rockpalast5 is now known as Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END


<faddy> whooooooooo


<faddy> whats up boys???


<MIMMO_FROM_MALICIOUS_BEGGAZ> better make an interveiw with me MARKUS76


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> dear faddy its going very good


<trilko> what the f**k is Living end


<MK> ho


<rockpalast2> Ok, guys. The LIVING END are now online. You can chat. In English, please


<MK> germany the home of....germans


<centaine> in englisch scheisse


<faddy> where's scott??


<RIS> hiho


<Markus76> WHAT?


<Wolfgang> when you gonna come to Poland (Living End)????


<faddy> too bad trav


<faddy> how are your shows going?




<faddy> hey, i saw you giuys at the tibet concert in sydney, it rocked


<Markus76> I gave Chris the questions in cologne two months ago


<Markus76> do you know Nicole Reimers?


<faddy> yeah


<faddy> the whole house rocked


<MK> later guys......


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> has nicole got black hair?


<Bimba> anyone who is from the TLE message bored I'm B!!!!!


<faddy> heyy B


<Markus76> Yes that right shes got black hairs


<Markus76> She said that she knows you a bit


<Wolfgang> I have seen your video clip on Viva Tv It was great!!!!!!!


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> the warped tour was fun but i am tired of touring and i wanna come home


<faddy> yeah come home


<RIS> hehe


<centaine> where are you from??


<faddy> haha


<faddy> pleaaassse


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> to faddy we think we know who you mean


<Bimba> yeah pleaaaaaaaaaase


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> the song dirty man is still being worked on as we speak


<RIS> no way bimba ... really


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> runaway boys rip


<Bimba> hehe


<Markus76> what about Nicole? Do you know her?


<guest235> ss


<guest235> eee


<faddy> besides the obvious


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> hello to the sydney people see you soon ok


<RIS> i told you already bimba !!! no WAY !!!!


<Bimba> not backstage passes!!!!!!




<RIS> think what yuo want markus76


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> bimba you might want to check with the ticket seller just in case

<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> we are about to drive to amsterdam to do another festival with chili peppers, silverchair etc. and then onto reading in england


<Bimba> ok Chris


<faddy> you guys played with silverchair in the states hey? that wouldve been coo


<waglagon1> what do you think obout offspring;-)


<Markus76> THEY SUCK


<guest235> when will u be back in germany?




<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> FADDY Silverchair are nice guys. Australian of course!


<Markus76> true blue




<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> GUEST 235 We will probably be back in germanz not until mid next year.




<faddy> its to late for everyone


<Chrisgirl> when will you be back in the US


<Bimba> What sort of stuff will you be selling at ur concerts???


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> scott is watching snuff play at the moment




<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> ok, i am a fake


<Chrisgirl> anywhere near Oregon?


<waglagon1> chris: what do you think about the fat wreck band like lagwagon no use for a name


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> hehehehehehe


*** Operator is now known as SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END




<faddy> hey, scott




<faddy> how was snuff?


<Chrisgirl> scott I love your hair






<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> not bad at all i dare say






<AFX-TWiN> how did you do that?


<Chrisgirl> what's it like being stuck on a tour bus for days on end


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> the band i would like to tour with next year is either ac dc or the hellacopters


<guest235> do u like to be in germany?


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> CHRISGIRL - The huge bus becomes quite small very quickly. But it is kind of cool, can#t wait till we get home.


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> i will go on tour in austria some days ...


<Chrisgirl> I would imagine


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> we like germany alot the people are so nice


<faddy> whoa




<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> FADDY - we have zero time, we go straight from Japan into cairns for the first show

<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> straight from japan faddy


<faddy> oh fuck


<Chrisgirl> 4 days


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> we stay in OZ for a long time


*** rockpalast6 was kicked by rockpalast3 (rockpalast3)


<Chrisgirl> o


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> ok guys ! i am a fake !!!!


<guest235> do u have a lot of groupies?


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> why am i superuser ?


<faddy> i read your tour diary in juice mag, sounds like you had some fun in the states


<AFX-TWiN> JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn: yes why are you op?






<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> we have girlfreinnds except for scoot


<Nookie> BIMMBA


<Markus76> A BIT STRANGE ISNt it???????????????????????????


<AFX-TWiN> JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn: type /mode +o AFX-TWiN


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> sure afx-twin !


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> one fake is enough here !


<Chrisgirl> i like it's sound alot


<faddy> yeah cool sound


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> BIMBA - yes they come on tour with us.


<AFX-TWiN> JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn: c'mon!!! do it plz... hehehe


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> suuuuuuure afx-twin


<faddy> so, how many gigs do you reckon you've done over the last year?


<Markus76> does anybody know H-Block 101 or Voodoo Lovecats???



<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> nearly 260 to 270

<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> FADDY - we have done way too many too count - almost every day.


<faddy> thats a lot of gigs


<Chrisgirl> do you guys really read your fan-mail?


<Markus76> Theyre excellent, Ive made a 7" with them on my lable!!


<faddy> speaking of cool songs, train kept a riollin goes off


<faddy> oops


<Chrisgirl> well I've written all of you about 2-3 times


<Bimba> faddy: thats playing on my computer right now


<AFX-TWiN> hehe


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> KoRn - fan mails




<Markus76> Ive heard you have got an argument with Carl from that right??????


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> Yes we read all our mail from fans, but it takes a while to get through it all and keep up to date and respond.


<faddy> how much mail do you get?


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> markus you are asking questions that are stupid


<Markus76> Why???


<Chrisgirl> when you go to places like germany, do people know your songs?


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> no questions are stupid

<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> BIMBA we persnally reply, none of that mass produced stuff.




<Bimba> ok cool Chris :)


<faddy> and scott


<Markus76> Thats was just a question, ok?




<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> yeah it seems like a few people do from the die toten hosen tour


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> yeah yeah yeah !


<Bimba> not me!! just as long as you keep on playing!!!!!!!!!!!


<AFX-TWiN> oh well




<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> its me ... jonathan ... the singer from KoRn !


<pozer> Nofx Rules!


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> I am not familiar with DONOTS.




<waglagon1> really good band you have to hear the cd


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> my favorits song is bah bah black sheep


<Bimba> Will you be bringing out anymore singles off ur first album???


<MurphyMeNY> LOL


<faddy> can you play it scott??


<faddy> haha




<Bimba> heya Angelandy!


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> KoRn rulezzzzz !




<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> maybe someone else is


<Angelandy> hey bimba!!! god i dont even know yer naem...


<Wolfgang> KoRn SUUUUUUUUUUUUUXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<Wolfgang> KoRn SUUUUUUUUUUUUUXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<guest235> is it possible to live from your music?


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> its ok to be any sexuality you want people


<Wolfgang> KoRn SUUUUUUUUUUUUUXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<faddy> have youse ever played witchdoctor or colosing in live??


<Chrisgirl> ok, we understand that you don't like korn


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> donots are pretty cool i have seen them on the tv over here


<guest235> congratulations!


<Sandshark2> Hiyas!!


<Bimba> I bought all ur singles for the extra tracks



<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> bimba - thanks


<Wolfgang> KoRn is for assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> BIMBA - thankyou. b.sides are sometimes quick.


<Sandshark2> Scott...... you guys are better than Korn for sure


<MIMMO_FROM_MALICIOUS_BEGGAZ> can someone kick this fake ass




<Wolfgang> Good Riddance RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> BIMBA - b.sides are sometimes better - oops.


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> afx-twin ... tell me and you get op !


<MurphyMeNY> Hey, when you guys come back to the U.S in Jan. do you know who you'll be playing with?


<faddy> scott: your backup vocals in soongs like stay away from me are cool, good shit


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> there will be no arse kicking thankyou


<Chrisgirl> yeah




<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> good riddance are very cool



<MIMMO_FROM_MALICIOUS_BEGGAZ> are you playing Punk




<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Wolfgang> I love Russ Rankin!!!!!


<Sandshark2> Die Toten Hosen.... are they still around?


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> kinda, i like them


<Sandshark2> Wolfsheim is next I think


<Chris_from_THE_LIVING_END> BIMBA - It is hard to say at this point. We are still having too much fun to think about quitting. But i think we would still all play instruments if we broke up.

<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> hell yeah the hosen are making a new album


<Sandshark2> Really?


<Angelandy> can you guys do a mentor gig??? you know in rowville...?


<Rosaly> Yes, Toten Hosen still alive, they wrote music for a german film


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> if we get the time we would love to to rowville


<faddy> when you arent travellign and playing, what do you do?


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> no matter ...


<Chrisgirl> where are you guys right now


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> my brother played for rowville footy club


<Angelandy> hehe i am goign to palace gig...


<Rosaly> I cant remember, even I have read the plan 5 min.ago


<Sandshark2> Chris: The first time I ever heard your band was on "Modern Rock Live".... the radio show... do you remember when you did that?


<faddy> a


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> i play playstation alot especially the colin mcrae rally or i sleep alot or hang with my girlfriend


<faddy> l




<Chrisgirl> i play playstation all the time


<Bimba> are you planning a break from tour any time in the near future??


<Sylvie> yeh, wolfsheim!!!


<faddy> play syphon filter- its cool


<Chrisgirl> no kidding


<Sandshark2> Playstation is addictive.... that's why I don't play it too much


<LAGWAGON> hey ppl


<Chrisgirl> Trav, what games do you play


<Bimba> Jai!!!


<Chrisgirl> me


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> hi everybody


<Sandshark2> I use mIRC, but I don't know the server here


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> hi chrisgirl


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> i get to sit for hours on a bus through the night so theres not much to do except challenge the other ends on the playstation


<faddy> hey scott and trav, ive seen magazines that speeled your names "owens" and "dempsey", which is the right way?




<Sandshark2> Hmmm... I've alwyas liked Quake


<Bimba> Austnet server


<Centaine> test


<SCOTT_FROM_LIVING_END> we say goodbye now


<pozer_is_away_eating> q2 rokks


<faddy> awwww


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> i am good in quake2


<Bimba> noooo


<Bimba> don't go!!!!


<Sandshark2> Hey you guys gotta tour the USA soon!


<Sandshark2> Bye


<Chrisgirl> yeah don't go


<TRAVIS_FROM_THE_LIVING_END> i am a demsey but but my relations are dempseys so i dont know whats going on i am trying to get some info


Scott and Trav...cya at ur concert on the 19 of Sept.!!!






<faddy> youse are cool


<JONATHAN_FROM_KoRn> bye bye bimba


<Bimba> you guys RULE!  


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