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2002.10.16 - Official Chatroom

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Interviewed: Chris Cheney
Album Era: MODERN ARTillery

Chat Transcript - Official Chatroom

Date: 16.10.2002
Featuring: Chris Cheney
Prior to the release of 'One Said To The Other'.


Chat with Chris Cheney, Before the release of One Said To The Other.

Some sections have been edited down.

[20:52] <ChrisCheney>
 Hello Peoples
[20:52] <Mayb> how are ya?
[20:52] <ChrisCheney> Feeling good. Yourself?
[20:52] <mandel> you rocked at the evelyn
[20:52] <Romi> wtf when did u playy
[20:52] <Mayb> im ok
[20:52] <tle_gurl> terrific
[20:52] <Mayb> when do you get your pin out?
[20:52] <ChrisCheney> We played the 5th at the evelyn
[20:52] <ChrisCheney> I get my pin out on the 25th
[20:53] <Cris> did you hear that the Queens of the Stone Age are awesome
[20:53] <ChrisCheney> Queens of the stone age album is fantastic
[20:53] <funky_llama> when u tour, you HAVE to do all ages
[20:53] <ChrisCheney> DOnt think we'll be playing any shows until big day out, but you never know
[20:54] <ChrisCheney> at this stage we dont know how the album is going to sound, we have lots of songs to choose from.
[20:55] <DomSweeney> damnit Chris did you hear Paul Weller might be coming out next year?
[20:56] <ChrisCheney> It would be great to see Paul Weller I didnt know eh was coming out
[20:55] <Mayb> Chris: pop quiz - what are you gonna try and play for me and deena?
[20:56] <ChrisCheney> Mayb: definitely songs from first few eps.
[20:56] <TheCLASH> Is TLE going to tour Canada again sometime
[20:56] <ChrisCheney> no plans for canada for this year at this stage
[20:56] <miyu_50119> chris:have you finished the recording for 3rd album yet?
[20:57] <ChrisCheney> we havent started the album yet we're gonna be recording it after big day out probably in the US
[20:58] <weaselbee> when is your next melbourne gig
[20:58] <tle_gurl> do u think u'll be doing many underage gigs after the album is released?
[20:59] <ChrisCheney> we're gonna try and do a tour where we go to lots of rural towns when we do our next aussie stint
[20:58] <MissyA> Chris & Em how is Missymoo the cute lil bunny doin? 
[20:59] <ChrisCheney> Moo is going great, but she's been thrown out of the room cause shes eating the vacuum cleaner
[21:00] <ChrisCheney> we will definitely be doing underage gigs.
[21:00] <pressure_tested> hey chris - who would play last at the big day out - THE LIVING END or GRINSPOON??
[21:00] <TLE_Strider> Well we all know Living End kick Grinspoons ass!!!!!!!!!
[21:00] <ChrisCheney> we'd have to battle it out backstage perhaps
[21:01] <ChrisCheney> dropkicks are in town hope your all gonna go see them
[21:01] <mamber> YES!!!
[21:01] <mamber> TOMORROW NIGHT!!
[21:01] <Jordan_> Chris, What do you think of Southern Sons? Prefer them or Irwin Thomas??
[21:01] <ChrisCheney> I think Irwin thomas is one hell of a guitar player and I never saw the southern sons, so I'll go with Irwin
[21:01] <mattym> r u still using gretsches only??
[21:02] <ChrisCheney> Yep, i still prefer to use gretschs majority of the time
[21:02] <mamber> chris: would you play with Tiger army if they came to Ozzzzz?????
[21:02] <ChrisCheney> Id love to play with tigerarmy if they came over we met one of the guys a couple of years ago in LA
[21:02] <sm|tty> hey chris what do you think about all these new rock and roll "revival" bands like the hives the strokes and the vines? are you into them?
[21:03] <ChrisCheney> I really like the hives the strokes and the vines
[21:03] <tle_gurl> how's scotty?
[21:04] <ChrisCheney> Scotts good, hes playing bass in a country band on the side at the moment and enjoying it immensley
21:04] <weaselbee> what the name of scotts band
[21:05] <ChrisCheney> Im not sure of the name - sorry
[21:04] <rioteer> how many tracks r u guys demoing for the new album?
[21:05] <ChrisCheney> we've demo'd 50 tracks so far
[21:05] <mandel> what are you gona call the album???
[21:06] <ChrisCheney> no set title at this stage, maybe we should let you guys decide?
[21:05] <Kristen_R> chris: any idea of what your next single will be?
[21:06] <ChrisCheney> we have recorded a single that will be coming out before the BDO
[21:06] <NationBlue> OI CHRIS: I am a yr11 student, doing yr12 VCE solo music, and I am looking to do a short guitar course after I finish.. Where do you suggest?
[21:07] <ChrisCheney> I suggest listening to a lot of records and finding someone with the same musical headspace as you.
[21:07] <mandel> IS IT TRUE YOU WENT TO BOX HILL??
[21:07] <ChrisCheney> Yes I went to Boxhill Tafe and did a jazz guitar course
[21:07] <tle_gurl> r u guys planning on releasing some kind of DVD or something?
[21:08] <ChrisCheney> we want to do a dvd and weve been filming lots of crap over the past couple of years that we have to sort through as soon as we can be bothered
[21:09] <BWF> anychance of comin to gold coast
[21:09] <ChrisCheney> brisbane is definitely on the cards
[21:09] <Mayb> Chris - with the video that was shot at the longnecks gig, will that be becoming a tle dvd? purleeeeeeeease?!?!?!?!
[21:09] <ChrisCheney> the video from the longnecks gig maybe used for a clip perhaps, look for your faces if you dare.
[21:09] <DomSweeney> Chris was the TAFE jazz course pretty advanced? I'm trying to do one at the Conservatorium in Sydney, but is the TAFE one good?
[21:10] <ChrisCheney> I learnt what I needed from the tafe it wasnt the be all and end all but if you take what you need from it, it is definitely good for the playing.
[21:10] <pressure_tested> CHRIS - tour - for the single? like a mini tour - before the album???? any chance of one????
[21:11] <ChrisCheney> the only tour before the album at this stage is BDO because schedules pretty tight
[21:11] <TLE_Strider> Hey Chris, did you get an invite for the Aria's last night???
[21:11] <ChrisCheney> missed out on invite to the aria's - yes indeed
[21:11] <tle_gurl> do u read the messages on the msg board from this site EVER?
[21:12] <ChrisCheney> Yes I do look at the message board.
[21:11] <NationBlue> *** CHRIS- I am asking this on behalf of my guitar teacher: He is about your age, and an amazing guitarist, he has recorded his own CD before but he is in absolute awe of your playing. He has won the Tommy Emanual Guitarist Award, and the Young Guitarist of the Year and he told me that he would be willing to pay any price for a lession with you, would that be possible?
[21:13] <ChrisCheney> I dont think Im much of a teacher, so probably not at the moment.
[21:13] <MissyA> kasey rocks - chris u glad she got those arias? Esp since u guys were on the CD
[21:14] <ChrisCheney> Yes Im glad Kasey got the aria's, she and Nash work really hard and deserve it.
[21:14] <Mayb> did Andy (or you or scott for that matter) get freaked out by the banner at the longnecks gig?
[21:15] <ChrisCheney> no we didnt get freaked out by the banner, i might have if Id seen it while we were on stage, but afterwards was ok.
[21:15] <Trav> when are you going to do that duet with Kasey Chris? its long over due :/ was lookin foward to it
[21:16] <ChrisCheney> we would love to do an albums worth of songs with Kasey, its not out of the question.
[21:15] <NationBlue> **Chris - Have you ever seen The Nation Blue play? And do you think much of them??
[21:16] <ChrisCheney> I havent seen the nation blue, Ive heard a lot about them.
[21:16] <MissyA> sz
[21:16] <MissyA> i01 n m,mk <--- my bunny typed that hehe
[21:16] <DomSweeney> Chris what do you think of the Crocodile Hunter?
[21:17] <ChrisCheney> Steve Irwin is madder than a cut snake, but thats ok as long as he doesnt get too close.
[21:17] <mamber> Chris: any plans for Australian Warped next year?
[21:18] <ChrisCheney> haven't been approached by warped. we've always enjoyed the other tours we've done with them.
[21:19] <ChrisCheney> scotts written quite a few songs and have been collaborating as a band a lot lately
[21:19] <rioteer1> Chris: how do you view the songs you are demoing atm compared to roll on?
[21:19] <ChrisCheney> id say the newer songs are a lot more built for live performance as opposed to using studio trickery. a bit more simple and straight ahead than some of the roll on stuff
[21:19] <josh2510> CHRIS - will you make an Instrumental song for the next album, like on the original "Closing In"... That was great!!
[21:20] <ChrisCheney> stay away is one we wanna revisist
[21:20] <ChrisCheney> did anybody see billy idol at M1?
[21:20] <MissyA> I saw him
[21:21] <Romi> I SAW BILLY IDOL we left after coz it was so boring
[21:21] <DomSweeney> CHRIS: what do you think of James Muller?
[21:21] <ChrisCheney> Whos James Muller - sorry for the ignorance
[21:22] <DomSweeney> James Muller - Aussie's best Jazz guitarist?! From Adelaide, its kinda fusion stuff, he's an absolute freak!
[21:23] <ChrisCheney> Its hard to pick the best bit of advice but not sticking to only one style I think is pretty important. just keep listening to lots of different music - simple but true.
[21:23] <NoLiability> hope to see you boys in tulsa soooooooooon...BYE CHRIS goodluck as well
[21:23] <ChrisCheney> see you in tulsa
[21:23] <hoges> Chris, my bands name is BACKYARD ABORTION and we rock. I was just wondering if you need a great band to lead you into a gig then we are that band!!!
[21:24] <ChrisCheney> with a name like that you simply must suceed - very rock n'roll
[21:24] <chrisisalegend> Chris what's a good band name?
[21:25] <ChrisCheney> what about jockstrap and his elastic band - sorry for the bad humour, Im not to blame.
[21:26] <Jordan_> Sorry, Chris, How were you at school. Quiet, and did your work??
[21:27] <ChrisCheney> not exactly quiet and i didnt exactly do my work i had a very non exactly high school experience.
[21:26] <Romi> cHRIS my friends aunty taught u!! lol
[21:27] <ChrisCheney> whats your friends aunties name?
[21:27] <Romi> i have no idea
[21:28] <Mayb> what did your mum and dad think at the red wings & longnecks gigs?
[21:28] <ChrisCheney> my folks were always supportive of playing in the band, so long as I did the homework I had. but homework always came second I spose.
[21:28] <NationBlue> **CHRIS - Are you a fan of Jeff Buckley at all?
[21:29] <ChrisCheney> jeff buckley was one hell of a singer and some people think an even better guitar player. I think he was extremely gifted.
[21:29] <ChrisCheney> good charlotte nice bunch of blokes. catchy songs.
[21:31] <ChrisCheney> i liked theres no aphrodesiac album.
[21:31] <Jordan_> Chris, Pleeeease don't get drunk before you play. Pleeeease???? Only afterwards
[21:32] <ChrisCheney> why must i not get drunk before i play. i thought thats what youre supposed to do in a band so they tell me.
[21:32] <Katy666> Chris : played many gigs in Tasmania??
[21:32] <ChrisCheney> played in tasmania probably a dozen times.
[21:33] <ChrisCheney> getting drunk is fun before you play right up until you botch that very first chord, then maybe not such a good idea.
[21:34] <NationBlue> **CHRIS - How do you go about writing songs? Do you usually write lyrics or music first?
[21:34] <ChrisCheney> I generally write music first and sometimes that will inspire or prompt a lyric or a theme and I just go from there.
[21:34] <miyu_50119> CHRIS: when do you come to play in Japan again? I hope it will be soon!
[21:35] <ChrisCheney> we will hopefully be coming to japan start of 2003, cant wait it is my favorite place to play outside of home.
[21:35] <mandel> CHRIS have you heard COASTER play??
[21:36] <ChrisCheney> havent heard coaster, no.
[21:36] <WarPiG-> Chris you know what time or what stage or anything you will be on at BDO yet?
[21:37] <ChrisCheney> I think we're on at the BDO mid afternoon'ish.
[21:37] <rioteer1> chris: in ur opinion, what is the hardest song 2 play that u have writen?
[21:37] <ChrisCheney> carry me home is a bit of a bugger.
[21:37] <Guest76781> CHRIS,WHAT REALLY HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND TRAV???????????????????????????????????????????
[21:38] <ChrisCheney> Honestly for the record, nothing happened between us and Trav except he felt he'd had enough of spending too much time away from home etc.. and we respected that and understood it in a way and there is no bad blood. All is good - we must move on.
[21:38] <TLE_Strider> Chris, do you even play requests for songs at a gig??? Living End ones of course???
[21:39] <ChrisCheney> we're gonna start playing more requests than what we have, i would like to be able to play anytihng we felt like at that moment and just do it.
[21:40] <ChrisCheney> The new guy 'Andy' is fitting in well, hes a damn good drinker which is always welcome. Pretty good drummer too!
[21:42] <meepmeep> How did u find the green day guys when you played with them ?
[21:43] <ChrisCheney> greenday are three of the funniest guys that you could meet, they could do comedy for a living, I'm sure.
[21:43] <bellie> hey chris have you ever met CHRIS DAYMOND??????
[21:43] <ChrisCheney> Chris Daymonds a wacko from the west - a great man.
[21:43] <tle_gurl> how was it for you to play the Tour of Duty concert (i know it was a long time ago, but i watched it the other day and it looked to hot)
[21:44] <ChrisCheney> tour of duty concert was unforgettable for so many reasons, yes it was extremely hot but we were only there for two days and the people who live there definitely had it tough.
[21:44] <mandel> CHRIS is it true that you crahsed on ALMA rd??
[21:45] <ChrisCheney> didnt crash on alma road, great ocean road to be exact.
[21:45] <josh2510> *Chris*: Could you check out my website at
[21:45] <ChrisCheney> ill check ou the website and have a look at teh guest book - be glad to.
[21:45] <Katy666> yeah, do you still go up to lorne and such Chris?
[21:46] <ChrisCheney> havent been to lorne since then, no plans to - ha ha
lotsa questions...dunno which one belongs to the next answer..
[21:46] <ChrisCheney> postal discretion hallalejah - you know what i mean
[21:46] <Trav> will you do Falls this year chris maybe?
[21:47] <MissyA> yes will u do falls
[21:47] <ChrisCheney> dont know about falls but its always a blast to play at - maybe we will.
[21:47] <mandel> what do you think of the epiphone FLAMECAT?
[21:48] <ChrisCheney> i dont know i havent seen the flame cat but it sounds painful.
[21:48] <LozJar> man, all i wanna know is that my friend at work is not lying to me when she says that chris is her step-cousin but NO
[21:49] <ChrisCheney> whats the step cousins supposed name?
[21:49] <LozJar> **********
[21:51] <ChrisCheney> ********doesnt ring a bell - sorry. I'll probably be in trouble now for forgetting rellies - oops.
[21:49] <twotone> hey chris, were you guys around when The Fireballs were still together? you guys ever play with 'em?
[21:50] <ChrisCheney> yes we played with teh fireballs only a couple of times, they were great.
[21:51] <bellie> NIGHT CHRIS EM AND MOO
[21:51] <ChrisCheney> Night Bellie and Punky.
[21:51] <BWF> gig at gold coast???
[21:51] <hoges> COME TO IPSWICH !! LOL
[21:52] <ChrisCheney> we are going to play as many aussie towns as possible because its been far too long between drinks.
[21:53] <ChrisCheney> Niss, i will do. shes the best
[21:52] <drink_on_benny> chris: any approx release date for the album?
[21:53] <ChrisCheney> Benny, I wish it was out now. So i wanna get it out asap, but unfortunately it is gonna take a while longer.
[21:53] <WarPiG-> Chris you reckon that the Pakistan effort agains the Aussies in the cricket was an absolute disgrace? :)
[21:54] <ChrisCheney> always proud to be an aussie.
[21:55] <ChrisCheney> I was always terrible at cricket, couldnt bat, couldnt bowl and couldnt be bothered standing in the middle of nowhere trying to catch a ball.
[21:54] <Katy666> do you like dr pepper Chris?
[21:55] <ChrisCheney> I love Dr Pepper, I used to bring back lots of it when went to sydney cause you could never get it in melbourne.
[21:55] <drink_on_benny> bodyjar rock
[21:55] <jebjar> hey no Dissing the Jar
[21:56] <ChrisCheney> wheres the love for the Jar?
[21:56] <WarPiG-> Chris you tried that new vanilla coke?
[21:57] <ChrisCheney> No I havent tried vanilla coke yet, is it good?
[21:58] <jason_zarps> Chris, how the hell do ya manage to write excellent solos for every single song?
[21:59] <ChrisCheney> music first most of the time but its always different no set rules, frustrating sometimes.
[22:01] <ChrisCheney> anything that gets sent to Rae (manager_) gets passed on, shes just very busy and it just takes us a while.
[2:02] <ChrisCheney> Craig: what is the email to send stuff to Rae?
[22:02] <mamber> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[22:02] * tmbg This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[22:02] <drink_on_benny> does rae manage any other bands besides tle, what happened with jar?
[22:03] <ChrisCheney> chris o'brien now manages the jar. and is a fine man.
[22:03] <jason_zarps> Chris, before I wanna go, I just want to say that you;'re an absolout inspiration mate. You've inspired a whole new generation of young guitarists, including myself who can play all of your songs. Good luck for the next album, and keep up the good work. You deserve more recignition mate. bye bye.
[22:04] <ChrisCheney> Bye Jason Zarps - thanks for all the kind words, appreciate it. see you soon.
[22:05] <ChrisCheney> I have to head off in a second, get the vacuum cleaner out of the rabbits mouth.
[22:04] <NationBlue> ***CHRIS: What are you feelings on people covering your songs in a gig? Not a cover band, just one or two songs???
[22:05] <ChrisCheney> I dont mind people covering our songs as long as its not in the rehearsal room next to us, it s a little to weird and I have to leave the buidling.
[22:05] <MissyA> Chris, Em, thanks for chattin, em and niss thanks for organising and give missy moo a kiss from me and my bunny Rascal :D
[22:06] <ChrisCheney> Seeya later MissyA and Rascal.
[22:06] <TLE_Strider> yeah, thanks to Emma for organising it:D
[22:06] <ChrisCheney> Strider, thanks for the good luck message, look forward to seeing oyu at a gig.
[22:07] <ChrisCheney> I'll drag the other two guys in for a chat soon.
[22:09] <ChrisCheney> I'm gonna hit the frog and toad. Thank you for the chat and the ongoing support, looking forward to playing asap and getting back to normality again. Take care out there. Bye for now.....
[22:09] *** ChrisCheney has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) 

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