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2004.04 - Aussie Invasion

Content Type: Chatroom Transcript
Interviewed: Scott Owen
Album Era: From Here On In

Chat Transcript - Aussie Invasion Tour

Date: 04.2004
Featuring: Scott Owen


Aussie Invasion: The Living End
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DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are pleased to welcome the guys from the Aussie Invasion Tour.

DishDiva says: First off we have The Living End's Scott Owen.

DishDiva says: Scott, welcome to MSN Live! It's great to have you here!

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: G'day folks!

DishDiva says: So how has the tour been going so far?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Excellent! Big crowds, lots of energy, fun times.

DishDiva says: You're in New York City tonight. Is the energy different from city to city?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Oh definitely because most parts of America very a litte, I guess the audences do too but New York is always one to look forward to.

stoned_nirvana_freak69 in Onstage_1 asks: Whats The Living End's favorite place to tour?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Japan.

DishDiva says: Why?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Because it's an amazing culture and good food and good shopping. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Do you get a chance to explore the cities you are playing in?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Only rarely. Only when we have a day off or maybe a couple of hours off but not very often.

Toxic333004 in Onstage_1 asks: What are you influences, and why?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: There's really too many to mention in half an hour. Our influences vary and we like all different kinds of stuff because we think variety is important.

MiMiBajiDuh in Onstage_1 asks: How does it feel when people come upto you and want a picture or your autograph?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It's flattering. We think of it in the way of us wanting to go up to people that we're fans of and tell them that we like them. It means a lot for fans to do that and it means a lot for us too.

DishDiva says: How did you and Chris and Andy meet?

TheOnlySkittlesChick in Onstage_1 asks: What is it like touring together?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Me and Chris went to school together and have known each other since we were kids. We met Andy two years ago, he was a friend of a friend that was recommended for the gig when our last drummer quit.

DishDiva says: How did you decide which bands to tour with?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: So far it's been good and we've all been getting along, they're all nice guys.

TheOnlySkittlesChick in Onstage_1 asks: How has the tour gone so far?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: JET and The Vines had the tour organized before we were invited to hop on board so we just said, "Yes! Thank you very much."

DishDiva says: What do the bands do on tour when traveling by bus or whatever?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Watch videos, listen to tunes, drink beer (laughs).

DishDiva says: So it's a pretty good life, hunh? (laughs)

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Absolutely!

DishDiva says: Is there anything else you wanted to be other than a recording artist?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not anymore. When I was younger I wanted to do something arty, design or something like that, now I don't want to do anything other than music. Except maybe surf. (laughs)

DishDiva says: PLEASE include which band your questions are for. That would help greatly!

8Guide_Budd has left the conversation.

Chyaynn1 in Onstage_1 asks: What is your favorite band besides your own?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I have a few favorites and they always change. I have to say the Beatles are always up there, how can they not be?

DishDiva says: Did they have any influence in your music

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Definitely!

Chyaynn1 in Onstage_1 asks: How did you all get your first record deal?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: One of the singles we put out kind of did really well and sold lots of copies and went to the charts so we got offers from most record labels for recording deals. It was pretty easy for us, we were lucky.

CraigNichollsOasis22 in Onstage_1 asks: This question is for the living end: What is it like to tour with the vines?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: They're quiet actually. That's about it. (laughs) It's only been three days.

Toxic333004 in Onstage_1 asks: How is your newer album different from your last?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It's not really much different, the songs are maybe a little more simple and direct but just as powerful and energetic as the previous.

DishDiva says: hangtime says: What was the first album you ever bought and the last album you bought?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: The first album I bought was "Red Sails in the Sunset" by Midnight Oil and the last one that I bought was the soundtrack to the film "The Last Waltz."

Dah8 in Onstage_1 asks: Who usually plays last JET or the Vines?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: The Vines.

Blinblin101 in Onstage_1 asks: I saw you guys at chain reaction, you were amazing. i wanted to know what is your favorite song to play live?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: "Second Solution."

stoned_nirvana_freak69 in Onstage_1 asks: How did you and the band come up with your guys name "The Living End"?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It was at the end of Bill Hayley's film "Rock Around the Clock" from the 1950's.

Guitaramanda1 in Onstage_1 asks: tle" what's your favorite Cure song?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Ohhhh... I do I just have to think of what it is. Probably "Killing an Arab" which is probably not a good thing to say at the moment (laughs) but I'll say it anyway.

bush_inc in Onstage_1 asks: Are you a fan of the smiths, bowie, or velvet underground?

SouthwestHarleyRider in Onstage_1 asks: Are there any British bands that have influenced your music, say like the Smiths?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Yeah, mostly The Smiths.

DishDiva says: Why?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Mostly just voice and his melodies are interesting.

isabel_likes_acid in Onstage_1 asks: (LIVING END) HOW WAS THE SHOW AT CHAIN REACTION?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It was excellent but it was very very hot and sweaty.

DishDiva says: Do you vary the show?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Yeah a little bit.

DishDiva says: Change around the set list?

stoned_nirvana_freak69 in Onstage_1 asks: For the Living End: Which of your cds do you liek the best and why?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I would have to say

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: "Modern Artillery" because we've grown as a band and I can hear the improvements.

Toxic333004 in Onstage_1 asks: for the living end: I really like the vocals of your songs... are their any techniques you use to make it sound better, or does it just come out that way?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I guess it just comes out that way. We're not trying to emulate anything when we sing. We're just trying to make it sound natural.

Guitaramanda1 in Onstage_1 asks: ? for the living end do you love the 50's?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Yes we do. (laughs)

DishDiva says: What do you love about that period?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Just the style I suppose, the style and the music.

Dah8 in Onstage_1 asks: To the living End: how do you honeslty feel about the name "aussie invasion"

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: (laughs) Honestly?... Not too bad, could have been worse. Could have been called The Fosters Tour.

Decadent666Dreams69 in Onstage_1 asks: Do you guys have any sugestions on how to get noticed in your industry? How did you get your attention?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I think the best advice to give any band is to play as many gigs as you can and start your own following. If you are doing good, people will pay attention.

stoned_nirvana_freak69 in Onstage_1 asks: For the Living End: what do you think of America?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I like it. It's got lots of different strokes for different folks (laughs) and lots of good music. Lots of good record stores, for sure.

DishDiva says: What are some of your favorite things about America outside of the music? Food?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Definitely not the food or the coffee. Just the history of music in America is such a big and important thing. It's good to come here and see where it all came from.

DishDiva says: So no favorite regional foods?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: I guess lobster is good in Boston.

Blinblin101 in Onstage_1 asks: Are you excited about opening up for No Doubt and Blink 182?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Yeah, absolutely!

MĀ¹NdA in Onstage_1 asks: How messed up were ya'll in houston?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: We definately were after the gig.

isabel_likes_acid in Onstage_1 asks: (LIVING END) WHAT R U GUYS LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: We all listen to lots of different stuff.

bush_inc in Onstage_1 asks: What do you think is the best sounding guitar?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Gretsch.

Chyaynn1 in Onstage_1 asks: tle how much time do you get to relax?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Sometimes none and sometimes too much. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Do you have any say in the tour stops?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not really.

Decadent666Dreams69 in Onstage_1 asks: Is it hard to live on the road away from your loved ones or is it pretty easy to keep in contact?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It is hard but we're lucky to be doing what we're doing so we don't take it for granted but we do miss our loved ones a lot.

DishDiva says: What's the one thing you always take on the road with you?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: My CD player.

DishDiva says: Are you guys working on new music now?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not really, not while we're touring.

MistyRainForest in Onstage_1 asks: Do you ever take your loved ones with you ?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not really. Girlfriend sometimes.

Dah8 in Onstage_1 asks: to the living end: do you consider your music rockabilly music?

stoned_nirvana_freak69 in Onstage_1 asks: For the living End: what message do you try to put in your music for your fans to hear?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: It has a little bit of a rockabilly ting in some songs but we're not a straight rockabillly band.

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not one particular message. All songs have different messeges and they tend to be positive and "stand up for yourself" messages.

DishDiva says: Where do you see yourself in a year or five years?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Still definitely playing rock and roll.

DishDiva says: Did you ever think about playing any other type of music?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not really because we kind of consider this band is able to play any kind of music.

DishDiva says: As we get ready for Jet to arrive onstage, any favorit emoment yet with Jet?

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Not yet, but I'm sure there will be moments.

DishDiva says: Thanks for stopping by to chat with fans from the tour.

Aussie_Invasion_Live says: Thank you  

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