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2006.06.22 - Adeline Signing

Content Type: Chatroom Transcript
Interviewed: Andy Strachan, Chris Cheney, Scott Owen
Album Era: State Of Emergency

Chat Transcript - Adeline Signing

Date: 22.06.2006
Featuring: Chris Cheney, Scott Owen & Andy Strachan


Chat with Chris Cheney, Scott Owen & Andy Strachan, 22 June 2006

Andy Strachan:
 scott is having a log in poblem - he'll be soon 
chrisc: how long will this be, i have to get my nails done later!!! 
chat moderator: we'll be outta here in an hour. hey, do you guys want to start w/o 
Andy Strachan: yep, let's start without scott 
chat moderator: great... here we go everyone! 
Insomniax: What was the deciding factors for you guys to sign to Adeline Records? 
Andy Strachan: cause they're a record company without being a record company. 
they're nice people and we trust them 
chrisc: money!!!!!haha,not really. we just feel they are the best for us at the 
moment. there is a lot of heart and they understand the music most importantly 
Davegrohlshuni: Where would you say is the best venue to play in? 
Andy Strachan: anyvenue with lots of people 
chrisc: I really like the enmore theatre in sydney. i prefer the packed club kinda vibe
Insomniax: My noobish friend would like to know if you know Billie Joe personally, 
since he owns the record label you are signed to? 
chrisc: tell your noobish friend that weve toured with them a couple of times so we 
know them pretty well..nice guys 
Kacky: What's the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you? 
Andy Strachan: pretended to be someone else 
Andy Strachan: that happens quite a lot 
Chintz: Hey I’m Bec, first I'd like to say hi from Trina, Caitlin, Colezy (who is looking 
forward to the Tassie tour) and Mirm cos they couldnt come, and this might seem like 
a really strange question, but Trina bought a guitar from you Chris a couple of months 
ago, it’s a Brian Setzer Nashville model and its pretty and green =) We were 
wondering if it had a name? 
chrisc: we had a guy who flew from scotland i think to see us in a pub a while back, 
then he flew out again to come to the last sydney show. 13,000 miles i kid you not!! 
chrisc: i guess you could call it Kermit. i actually never named it so its open to 
whatever....anything but snot guitar 
SickBoySD: Is it you guys who leave the replys on myspace or is it someone who does 
it for you? 
Andy Strachan: we all help out with it 
Left Coast Punk: warped tour 06. what stage you guys playing on? and prepare to 
see a huge pit started at the Seatle show! 
Andy Strachan: pretty sure it's the main stage. no idea what time though! 
kevin: what is the best part of playing on the warped tour? 
chrisc: its me look how well i type, i a bloody proffessional at this!!!! evne if i cant 
spell rigth??? 
Andy Strachan: getting to play to big crowds every day 
chat moderator: chris ... its ok, i figure by the end of the chat you'll be able to get a 
word in. 
i <3 TLE!: whats your fave video clip that youve made and why? 
chrisc: look forward to it left coast punk...cant wait 
Scott Owen: The best part of playing the warped tour is getting to play infront of soo 
many people in a short amount of time 
Andy Strachan: what's on your radio 
Andy Strachan: because it turned out the way we wanted it to...for once 
IngridTomorrow: do you guys feel that your music has changed in any way, styles and 
chrisc: radio, cause it turned out liked wed hoped it would 
cond solution coz it's all live stuff 
chat moderator: oh, hey Scott!! didn't see you came on. 
Andy Strachan: i feel we'r getting better all the time. i dont know if that's changing 
Andy Strachan: hi scott 
Janessa: What is it like to be on Adeline? 
Scott Owen: Yes I guess, it's not really as rockablilly as it used to be, but I hope that's 
for the better!!! 
Andy Strachan: so far so good 
Embrey Newman: so just wondering if you guys are still playing live songs from your 
Roll On Album (which was my anthem during high school by the way), and if you guys 
are excited for hootenanny with the reverand and tiger army? 
Scott Owen: We get along well with them, we trust them, we look forward to seeing 
how the album goes with them... 
Scott Owen: Yeah we'll be playing songs from all of our albums. 
Chrissy: I've been learning guitar for a year now and i want to learn a TLE song but 
don't know which one to learn. What song would you recommend for me to learn? 
Andy Strachan: we still play roll on, carry me home and pictures in the mirror. 
Scott Owen: Yeah big time and esp excited to see Lee Rocker!!! 
Andy Strachan: that's a chris question for sure 
Andy Strachan: he must be making a coffee haha 
Andy Strachan: um...he just called. he said th best for a learner is all torn down 
Andy Strachan: he went offline - he's trying to come back now 
ctw: Hi ya... I was wondering about the song The Room on Who´s Gonna Save Us... 
what was that about, exactly... influence? 
Andy Strachan: chris is trying to get back on, but I'm sure this is about the shawshank 
Andy Strachan: the film 
chat moderator: chris... you back? 
Scott Owen: The room was about being stuck, or locked in a room somewhere i.e in a 
cell for a long period of time, and then what happens when you come out and things 
have changed 
chrisc: hello hello its chris, have you seen marie??? 
Scott Owen: Who's gonna save us is about the people who run the world and run 
where we live 
The_Living_End: Hey guys I love you all, Aussie guy here....What was your first set up 
chris?Was it hard for you to overcome learning barrre chords as a junior?Are you 
coming to perth and performing an all ages gig? 
Andy Strachan: marie is out the back pruning the petunias 
Scott Owen: Chris, How much for 3 Neighbours be gone trees??? 
chrisc: hey there, my first setup was a torch guitar flouro green , and a little peavy 
amp..sounded great back then. learning barr chords can be hell but you gotta use 
that little finger. dont be lazy! 
Andy Strachan: yes! we'll be back in perth early sept for the all ages gig 
Ashli: Heres my question... Who do you guys want for President in 2008???? --ASHLI 
chrisc: bon scott 
Andy Strachan: we dont have a president, we have a prime minister who is also a nob 
Scott Owen: Peter Garrett!!! 
xChooe: Hey boys. I was just wondering, just then, have you ever thought about 
stage diving into the crowd?Or taking off your clothes? 
Scott Owen: Everyday I think about that!!! 
Andy Strachan: lol i've certainly thought about it 
chrisc: seriously thats a digfficult one, i think it would be a tough job but i am not 
too keen on the current guy 
PrisonerOfPhiladephia: Ok my 1st question 2 andy is= now you on 2nd album with 
band are you still star struck around them like you were when you 1st started? 
Andy Strachan: every moment of the day 
gretsch25: so what are you most looking foward to on the North American tour? 
chrisc: were just about to put him on the payroll 
Andy Strachan: going to north america 
Scott Owen: Going to In and Out Burger 
Andy Strachan: lol 
Down The Road Webzine: What plans have you got for the near future? 
Andy Strachan: touring, touring, and maybe touring 
chrisc: getting to play the new record to you guys. cant wait. In and Out burger 
also..double double all the way 
Scott Owen: Going to North America... Touring touring.... Then some more touring 
touring touring..... AND touring 
identityxcrysis: It seems Chris isn't to bright with the computers ^.^ Anyway, Chris, 
why do you like the White Falcon Gretch? And do you have any modifications to it? 
chrisc: i am goona have a shower then some vegemite toast 
Andy Strachan: in chris's defence, i have someone helping me type cause i am slower 
than anyone 
chrisc: i like the white falcon cause it justr covers everything we want to do as a 
band. so versatile and it helps that they are a very pretty guitar. how am i doing on 
the computer thing?? 
abby: are you going to play older stuff at the warped tour? 
Scott Owen: Yeah, old an new :-) 
Andy Strachan: yeah probably we'll mix it up a bit 
LJH#3: How do u choose your support acts? Do you have personal influence on it, or 
is a matter that management works out and you just get told at the end? 
chrisc: sorry i have lots of mods, tv jones , thicker frets, extra bracing and an in built 
Andy Strachan: no - we listening to a whole bunch of bands for the us tour and 
picked one out 
Kacky: You guys must be really busy when you're on the road, what do you do on your 
free time? 
Scott Owen: Say we def have oppinions on supports, coz we like to watch them 
every night and like them.. We also want to make sure that people that come to our 
gigs are gonna like em too. 
Andy Strachan: surf, cook and make coffee 
chrisc: we like to go with bands that we like cause we have to hear them every night 
for months sometimes. 
chrisc: go shooting small furry animals 
Scott Owen: How fast is my typing??? what a speed demon, c'mon chris you slow 
Gail_Rox: What is the best album you have made so fare? 
chrisc: i am thinking 
Andy Strachan: definitely state of emergency 
chrisc: so fare i would say the latest is the greatest 
Scott Owen: we work on our stamp collections... 
Scott Owen: collect fingernails of our victoms.... 
stix: Andy just a drum question from another drummer.,...... Do you use a CS Dot on 
your snare and a Double Kick? especially in the Whats on YOur Radio intro? 
Scott Owen: The best album we've made so far is def State of Emergency!!!! 
Andy Strachan: yes i do use cs dots or emperor x. i've never played a double kick in 
my life...and never will 
Caitlin31: Hi guys. Hope your not too tired. Just wondering what does it feel like 
when you walk out on stage to hear everyone chanting your names, or knowing every 
word to every song? Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would be that big? 
Andy Strachan: i have some pretty wild dreams, but no 
Insomniax: What is your favorite song to play live? 
chrisc: its very scary but theres no feeling in the world like it. we never thought we 
would play some of the big shows weve done 
Scott Owen: Feels like a good sneeze!! 
Andy Strachan: i like whats on your radio 
Scott Owen: Second Solution 
chrisc: i like carry me home but we dont do it that often 
thecrowing: Whats your favorite U.S. city to play in? 
Andy Strachan: um... san francisco 
chrisc: soupsoupsoupsoupsoup 
Lela: where are you guys at the moment? 
Scott Owen: What state is Toronto in.... Only Kidding..... LA, New York, Boston, 
Seattle, Salt Lake, San Fran.... List goes on.... 
Andy Strachan: im at rae's house 
chrisc: at home in melbourne, nice and chilly 
Andy Strachan: n melbourne 
Scott Owen: at home, in the shower... 
Thallium: What can Canadian fans expect from your upcoming shows here? 
chrisc: hopefully a kickass show. expect the unexpected, we are moving into magic 
Scott Owen: Weird aussie accents, and a swift kick in the nuts!!!! 
Andy Strachan: um. it's been a while so we're gonna come out with all guns blazing 
Jeka: do you guys like playing teh smaller venues like at small bars and clubs and 
stuff..or more of the huge bigger venues? 
chrisc: touche' 
Andy Strachan: i love the small shows 
Scott Owen: I like em all!!! 
chrisc: i didnt get the question?? 
Scott Owen: can you keep them simple please people... 
jane: do u guys like melbourne??? and next time PLZ play at a better venue hehe 
Andy Strachan: of course we like melbourne, that's where we live. 
Andy Strachan: we're playing a different venue in sept/oct 
RiotOnBroadway: ive heard there'll be no single released for 'Whats On Your Radio', 
any plans for future U.S singles with the aussie B-sides? 
Scott Owen: We only like melbourne well enough to live here, and whats wrong with 
festering hall??? Next time we'll play the MCG!!! 
chrisc: melbourne is the beez knees, the ducks nuts and the elephants you know 
Andy Strachan: probably not. singles are an aussie/uk thing - dunno why 
chrisc: i would liike to release singles cause i am a big fan of b sides 
Scott Owen: Singles are out in Australia, you can get them on import... 
pet_my_roo: he chris, why havent i seen that white guitar you had at the weenie 
roast a few years back? that was nicccccccccce 
chrisc: hey pet my roo, nice name. not sure which guitar you mean cos my main one 
is white 
kevin: What do you like the best about Gretsch guitars? i dream of the day i can own 
a falcon, but my Telecaster pleases me. 
Andy Strachan: telecasters are very pleasing i agree 
Davegrohlshuni: if you could have one thing at the moment what would it be? 
Andy Strachan: a coffee 
Andy Strachan: chris just called - he can't see the questions 
Scott Owen: a fishing road, some bait and an eski full of cold beer.... 
Andy Strachan: brest thing about gretsch (says chris) is the sound 
Andy Strachan: h's logging out and trying again 
PrisonerOfPhiladephia: Do you guys like commercial beer in america, like bud, 
coors,miller, or local beers like yuenngling Lager in Philadelphia?lol 
Andy Strachan: chris says (on the phone) he likes miller 
Andy Strachan: i like corona 
Scott Owen: Miller is good, ummm... There's one in Boston that's brilliant, but yeah 
Miller High Life is the best!! 
The_Living_End: Whats the best tour you have had ie. specific bands?...Sum 41? lol 
Andy Strachan: the big day out 2003 (australia) was pretty good 
chrisc: the green day tours were fun but the aussie invasion with jet and the vines 
was fantastic 
Scott Owen: ACDC & Green Day 
Ariana: Chris, is there any special significance of the 23 sticker on your amp and then 
i think on that hirt you wore at the SOE tour- um pirate radio or something cool like 
that, anyway coz 23 is my fave no- my lucky no. i was born on the 23rd so its always 
been my tatsloto no. 
chrisc: yeah its my favorite number, just one of those numbers that has been a big
thing in my life. first house,etc 
Kacky: Is there anyway fans will be able to meet you after shows? Will you be doing 
Andy Strachan: we're doing signings at the merch stand on the warped tour 
Down The Road Webzine: What's your craziest / most memorable tour story? 
chrisc: yeah we will be hanging out and signing stuff whenever we can 
Scott Owen: Yes we will, come and say G'day - Bring us a beer!!! 
Scott Owen: We'll be friends forever then!! 
Andy Strachan: um. i dont know 
Scott Owen: ummmm.... thinking.... 
chrisc: there are lots of stories hard to think this early 
Andy Strachan: pretty boring huh 
Scott Owen: I will reveal nothing!!!! 
pet_my_roo: is there gonna be a street team party like the one you had at the 
warner bros. building, that was the best ever 
Andy Strachan: not that we know of 
joe: how long does it take you guys to write a song? 
Andy Strachan: we're still paying that one off 
Andy Strachan: those pizza were expensive you know 
Andy Strachan: between 5 mins and 5 years 
ctw: We´ve seen you all play in the US a couple of times but they´ve always been 
bigger-multiple band shows, like Weenie Roast or Aussie Invasion... We are finally 
going to see YOUR show in Tucson next month. Will you play any oldies, like Misspent 
chrisc: it takes anywhere between a day to 6 months, no kidding 
Scott Owen: It depends if Chris has to type it out or not.. .That could take forever!!! 
chrisc: yeah we will try and play some old stuff also 
Andy Strachan: we'll definitely play some oldies, dunno about that one though 
identityxcrysis: Where was your guys big break? Were you sending demos out to 
people? Or did you just get discovered by someone randomly 
Scott Owen: Yeah we'll play stuff from all the albums, and we'll play requests for 
Andy Strachan: the guys sent a demo to green day, who gave them the aussie tour 
chrisc: we had a couple of songs on triple j here but he green day tour 96 was a bg 
step up for us 
atomgal: What is your favorite cover song to play live? 
Scott Owen: Sending demos out, constantly making calls to venues, and playing lots n 
lots of shows.... 
Andy Strachan: i like sunday bloody sunday. probably should play it again huh? 
chrisc: i like playing girls talk and tainted love and train kept a rolling 
PrisonerOfPhiladephia: Do you ever plan to play any of your b-sides Live one day? 
Scott Owen: We did Peace Love and Understanding By Elvis Costello a few times and 
that was fun!! 
Andy Strachan: we do occassionally, i reckon we should start playing ape face 
chrisc: yeah we should do that. i really want to 
Little_Jess: My pet bird can whistle west end riot, is she not the coolest bird ever? 
Scott Owen: Maybe... One day we'll do a gig and play all of our b-sides and it will go 
for about 9 hours 
chrisc: wow thats one hot chick 
Andy Strachan: feathery feathering friend 
AdelineJunkie80: Who are you most inspired by musically? 
chrisc: the beatles 
Andy Strachan: QOTSA 
Scott Owen: Elvis Costello and the attractions 
Dustin: what was it like touring with no doubt and blink182 back in 2004? 
Andy Strachan: pretty deluxe - they do things on a fairly big scale 
Davegrohlshuni: what has been your favourite band so far to play support for or to 
play support for you? 
Scott Owen: Funny, Tom and Marc are incredibly childish!!! 
Andy Strachan: maxeen from la 
chrisc: acdc cause we got to watch them kickass every night. incredible 
Kacky: What's the funnest thing about touring? The fans? Or the great places you get 
to go to? 
Scott Owen: ACDC, Green Day 
Andy Strachan: seeing each other in the morning 
Scott Owen: and Maxine supported us last time we're were in the states, they were 
chrisc: the funniest thing about touring is living in a bus 
Gavin: what song do you think think gets the crowd going the most? 
Scott Owen: both of these things are what make it worth while!!! 
Andy Strachan: at the moment it's definitely wake up 
chrisc: probable prisoner or wake up 
Little_Jess: My dad is telling me to ask how do you rate Mike Cambell from the 
heartbreakers as a guitarist, and have you seen the site and sound dvd it's amazing 
Scott Owen: Prisoner, Wake up off the new album, Second Solution, Roll On, and 
Radio also off the new album!!! 
Andy Strachan: no i haven't see it. must check it out 
chrisc: mike campbell is a great player. wow. and tom petty has written some classicsi 
will check out dvd rhanks 
NinePoundHammer: Chris, has Tommy Emmanuel been a big influence on your music 
and if so has he directly influenced writing any songs? 
Andy Strachan: i like the faces Tommy pulls 
Scott Owen: Chris, Has he influenced your hair due's??? 
chrisc: he is an influence i spose, he is just so damm good. he can play lots odf styles 
wich i really admire 
Insomniax: The song, What's on Your Radio.. what exactly was that written about? 
chrisc: my hair donts 
Andy Strachan: its all about whats going on in your head 
Andy Strachan: ie what are you thinking about, what are you doing 
jv187: how do you guys feel about P2P programs, music downloading, and people 
getting your music through them? 
chrisc: no i am not 
Scott Owen: not really sure.... 
Andy Strachan: i've heard afi do vinyl with them., they're pretty cool 
Down The Road Webzine: If you could be any vegetable what would you be? And 
what one person would you give permission to eat you 
Andy Strachan: a zucchini - sandra sully (newsreader) could eat me anytime
chrisc: i would be a carrot and Scarlett Johannson please.....too much info???
chrisc: shes probably reading this andy
Andy Strachan: i hope so
Scott Owen: Mushroom.... Feed me to the sharks!!!
chrisc: nob nob nob marcia marcia marcia 
jane: what is your fave song u guys have eva rittin???? 
Andy Strachan: i reckon he should 
Andy Strachan: then the carpet would match the curtains 
chrisc: i would like to have toogood hair. that would be great i will start working on it 
Scott Owen: Second Solution 
Andy Strachan: ape face 
chrisc: maitland street 
pismo: Will you have a fixed set for your US headlining tour? Or will you take requests 
and mix it up? 
Andy Strachan: i think we'll mix it up a little bit 
chrisc: i want to mix it up variety is the spice afterall 
Scott Owen: We'll mix it up a little 
chat moderator: alrite guys, we're losing the chatroom .. we'll have to do this again 
sometime soon, we still have 200+ questions in queue but we just dont have enough 
chat moderator: chris, scott, andy thank you for your time. 
chat moderator: and rae thank you as well! 
Andy Strachan: thanks moddy!
chrisc: ok thank you so much you guys rock and cant wait to see you at a show... go the METS
Scott Owen: Cheers, see ya on the flipside!!!
chrisc: lets hi the pub.

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