2001.03.31 - Kerrang (Gig Preview)

Kerrang (UK)

Date: 31st March 2001
Author: Unknown
Featuring: Chris Cheney


Gig of The Week: The Living End

DATES: Manchester MDH April 2, Birmingham Foundry 3, London Charing Cross Astoria 4, Leeds Cockpit 6, Glasgow Garage 7.

ADMISSION: 7.50, London sold out!

SUPPORTED BY: [spunge]

You're back!

Chris: Yeah we love it in England. I know every band says that, but really we do! It's where all our favorite bands come from - so to play shows over here is one thing, but to have sold out, that is great! The gigs we have done in America in the last few weeks have been crazy. We're expecting a motley crew. No, I didnt mean Motley Crue... I can't wait. It's good to play new material as well. The album has just been released and people seem to be really digging it, so it's a matter of playing songs from all the albums. Kinda doing bigger and bigger shows. it's not a bad problem to have!

What expectations do The Living End have of England?

Chris: This might sound negative, but I am hoping that there's a lot of English people there and not Australians, because we don't like going all the way to England to play to a bunch of Australians, which is generally the case, but I think this time it won't be

And what can England expect of you guys?

Chris: It's just a rock 'n' roll show. Every gig is a bit of an improv for us. We jam on ideas and just go off on tangents. A lot of the time we get lost in our own minds, but that is what it's all about! I think that's just one of our strong aspects, that we're different every night. We put on a crazy enough show and are visual enough, so we don't need all the props...we already have the double bass! We try and keep it pretty simple, with the focus on the band. It gets pretty crazy in the front, and that's rock 'n' roll! It is a release and we seem to incite a little bit of madness.

So you're OK with stage diving and moshing?

Chris: We want everyone to have a good time, but i don't really like it when people get kicked in the head and are hurt. Some people are taking it a little bit too far lately. They tend to be the big guys with their shirts off, kinda ruling the roost, in a sense. It gets a bit too violent and when they stop listening to the band, that's when it pisses me off. It's fine to mosh and move around and stuff, but you have got to respect each other, I hate violence. I don't know why they don't just save their money and take up wrestling!

Are you taking care of yourself to maintain that level of rock 'n' roll?

Chris: Oh yeah, you know, a steady diet of...a quarter of a bottle of Jack Daniel's a day and coke to keep you awake. Coca Cola that is! The diet's pretty much up shit creek at the moment.

You guys can hook up with Lemmy in London..

Chris: Oh, we'd love to!

How should we feel when we leave your show?

Chris: Drunk. Exhausted. And satisfied! Feeling like it was worth the cash, because sometimes you see bands and feel ripped of, you know? We'd hate that, if you left and said 'well that was a waste of money', because what we are doing is unique in this day and age and I hope people realise that...

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