2004 - Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Year Book 2004

Date: 2004
Author: Unknown
Featuring: Chris Cheney & Nic Cester (Jet)


Part 1 Interview with Jet.

For both The Living End and Jet, the Aussie Invasion tour across America - alongside The Vines - was one of the highlights of a very busy year. Even as Jet’s debut album, Get Born, was heading towards sales of three million copies and The Living End’s third disc, Modern Artillery, re-established them as one of the countries most ferocious live groups, the two Melbourne bands developed a friendship that has endured since each party’s tour bus went their separate ways. Reunited in a hometown pub to reflect on 2004, Nic Cester, wrapped up in a leather jacket and scarf, and Chris Cheney, Elvis Presley badge proudly flying on the lapel of his black suit jacket, compare notes on what had transpired, plotting some new twists to the tale. After this tape was turned off Cester recruited Cheney for his tribute recording of Stevie Wright’s “Evie”, but not before they swap some hard won truths and an occasional affectionate jibe.

Did you two meet for the first time this year?
Chris: Yes, I hadn’t even seen Jet before the Aussie Invasion tour. So it all started at the engine room in Texas.
Nic: I’d seen Chris play before
Chris: You’d also seen me shopping
Nic: That’s right, at Southland Shopping Centre. I remember thinking at the time, “Whats he doing here?”
Chris: Sometimes you’ll be out and a kid will come up to you and they always say “What are you doing here?” and you’ll tell them the truth, “Buying conditioner”

Did you have a chat that night?
Nic: I tried but I was pretty stand-offish
Chris: I wanted to preserve the aura
Nic: The First night we wrote stupid letters and left them on your dressing room door.
Chris: We were like, “Let the shenanigans begin”. Scott went and put pinholes in the bottom of all your plastic cups. It was good, because you always wonder what other bands are like - but they turn out to be really nice guys.

What are your favorite memories of the tour together?
Nic: Aside from the jokes and camaraderie, simply playing together
Chris: The first time was in Toronto and I was standing on the side of the stage. When you pointed at me, I didn’t know what was going on.
Nic: There was no forethought, but the vibe was good and I knew you liked…
Chris: The King!
Nic: And I knew you probably wouldn’t want to.

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