2005.12.18 - TV Week

TV Week

Date: 18th December 2005
Author: Unknown
Featuring: Andy Strachan


 P- Thanks for chatting with us 

A- It's my pleasure, Can you hold on a minute though? I can hardly hear you. I'll just go and turn down the TV...
P- What are you watching?
A- I'm not sure, but I think that's the guys from INXS. Oh wait there's Barnsey- I think I might be watching MAX
P- Love a bit of Barnsey..
A- Yeah, you can't go past Barnsey for sure!
P- Back to the interview... you're performing tomorrow at Homebake. Is it nice to be touring again?
A- We've been stuck in the studio recently, but we've started to get out and do a few shows here and there. It been really great to be playing again
P- Have you tried out much of your stuff form your new album State of Emergency?
A- Yeah, when we play smaller shows, we paly under the name of The Longnecks, it gives us the chance to play more or less of whatever we want and a lot of new stuff. It gives us and idea of how the crowd reacts to the new stuff
P- And has it been positive?
A- It's been really good. So we're super keen to get back out there and do proper touring again
P- You recorded your new album off the back of your Splendour in the Grass show in Byron Bay, right?
A- Yeah we did, it was really good actually. We didn't want to go overseas to do it, but having said that, we were still away from normality a little bit, so we got to concentrate on the job at hand. And it turned out to be a really good setup. We were fresh out of that gig , and we walked across the road and started recording. It was great.
P- What can people expect from the album?
A- It's pretty diverse. There's and very big cross-section of sounds and styles "What's On Your Radio"- that's The Living End sound really. But on the rest of the album there are some really moody songs, some slower-tempo songs and some down and dirty rock and roll songs. You've got to have a little bit of dirty rock!

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