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Date: 21st March 2016
Author: Unknown
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The Living End announce new album, single, and tour

After a five year break between records (ie. too damn long), The Living End are back with a new album and a set of tour dates to show it off.

Following on from 2011's ARIA winning The End Is Just The Beginning Repeating, the Aussie rock mainstays' upcoming seventh album is called Shift (out 13 May via Dew Process/UMA) and the lead single 'Keep On Running' presents just that: a definite shift in sound.

Rather than being built on guitar shredding and a punky tempo, the new track uses a string section and acoustic strumming to get its passionate point across. Frontman Chris Cheney describes it as one of the most powerful and personal songs of The Living End's career.

"We all have moments where life is getting the better of us, but that's when you draw strength and come out the other side stronger" Cheney says.

Cheney, along with Scott Owen and Andy Strachan will be visiting the triple j studios tomorrow to chat with Veronica and Lewis.

Update 22.03: Appearing on triple j Drive this arvo, frontman Chris Cheney explained the band had one simple mission statement when starting on Shift: not to repeat themselves.

"I don't think any of us wanted to make an album that just sounded like The Living End again."

People simply squawking 'I wish it sounded like your old stuff' is "the worst cliché in the world and it drives me crazy," says the singer-guitarist, who now splits his time between Australia and Los Angeles.

However, coming up with a new sonic approach took time, with initial writing sessions dating as far back as December 2014.

"It took a lot longer than expected. Initially [we] had this grand idea of going to go into the studio for three weeks and just put ideas down and maybe we'll end up with a record... well it's now a year-and-a-half since then."

"We've never really written a record while we're recording it," he added. Having typically prepared and written everything before the studio, for Shift, the trio "wanted to get in there and not have any safety net."

"We were just thinking on our feet which was a really exciting way to do it. We wanted people to hear that it could come off the rails at any minute."

Interestingly, backing up 'Keep On Running' is the one-two taste of 'Monkey', closer to the kind of punked up rockabilly rush that fans know and love.

A month after dropping Shift, The Living End will head out on an album tour. You'll catch them in the nation's capital cities through June along with special guests Bad//Dreems and 131's.

Tickets are on sale 24 March and you can hit up the band's website for further info.

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