Sticky Carpet – Entertainment Guide

Author: Patrick Donovan

Punk is alive and well in Richmond. There were amazing scenes outside the Corner Hotel last weekend as a couple of hundred kids who missed out on tickets to The Living End’s Saturday afternoon underage show hung around and danced in Swan Street. And it’s not just the kids going troppo over the End. About 350 adults missed out on Friday night’s show for which the queue snaked 150 metres down a side street. Those lucky enough to get in saw one of the country’s finest live acts in peak form. The boys didn’t even need to sing: at the first strum of the anthem Prisoner of Society the crowd screamed the lyrics for them. The End’s Second Solution/Prisoner of Society single has now gone platinum, with more than 70,000 copies sold. It will probably be their last show at the Corner before they move on to bigger venues.

Rant – Entertainment Guide

Author: A Gilbee

Wits’ end
Last weekend, I went to see the Living End at the Corner Hotel. We got there about half an hour before the doors were to be opened and already the line was long. After standing in the slowly moving queue of eager under 18s, for more than two-and-a-half hours, we were told: “It’s a full house. Go home.” What I am annoyed about is not so much that I didn’t get in, as I am well aware of the band’s popularity, but the fact that I wasted hours standing in line for no apparent reason. I can’t understand why a head count wasn’t conducted earlier to let us know whether or not it was worth hanging around. We also asked why they didn’t pre-sell tickets and were told that the Living End’s management didn’t want pre-sold tickets because they wanted “hype”. There was hype, but of an angry kind. I am unsure of who I should be angry at: the Corner Hotel or Living End. Either way, I don’t have much respect for either at the moment.

A Gilbee, Werribee