The Living End

Author: Kevin Walker

The Living End
The Living End

Tuneful punkers from Down Under, The Living End has been together since 1991 but is still trying to get a foothold in America. The 14 songs here run the gamut of punk rock cliches – raving guitars, shouted choruses, anti-establishment rants and songs about “being a brat” and not needing advice from anyone.

But there are also interesting surprises, such as the unexpected hook in the chorus for “Growing Up (Falling Down).” Or the guitar lick from “Bloody Mary” that’s reminiscent of the one in the Clash’s “Brand New Cadillac.” Solid work, but nothing you haven’t heard done a little bit better on any of Green Day’s albums.

Offspring Show Should Have Good Beginning With Living End

Author: Jeff Hall

If you’re going to the Offspring’s sold-out gig in Philly on Tuesday, get there early to check out The Living End, who will open up the concert with songs from their self-titled debut (Re- prise/Warner Bros.).

On “West End Riot,” Scott Owen’s hurtling basslines and the churning rhythms of drummer Trav Dempsy set the stage for frontman Chris Cheney’s strident electric guitar and barreling rally cries.

“Fly Away” recalls the hyper- kinetic vibe of Green Day, with the trio’s peppery punk delivery cast among corpulent bass/drum adrenaline and retro fretwork stylings. A particularly striking number is “Second Solution,” a smart mix of alt-rock and ironic Brit-pop twist crossed with swing sensibility.

The Living End performs at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Electric Factory, 7th and Willow streets, Phila. The headlining act is the Offspring. The other opening act is Zozomatli. The show is sold out. For details, call 338-9000.