Orlando Sentinel

The Living End

Author: Francisco Ferrero


If you think that punk’s best first single released to radio, the days are long gone, then The Living End is out to prove you wrong with its self-titled debut CD.

The Living End members seem to have almost every aspect of punk covered and somehow wrapped up in a very radio-friendly package. They manage to write catchy pop-punk songs in the vein of Bad Religion and Green Day, while incorporating ska, Oi! and rockabilly influences from bands such as the Skoildats, Inspector 7 and the Amazing Crowns.

What makes The Living End stand out from most punk bands is the great song writing. The members have managed to write an album full of catchy songs without sacrificing their punk edge or becoming excessively pop-y.

On “Prisoner of Society,” the first single released to radio, the band utilizes a double bass that lends the song a rockabilly twang, as well as incorporating a chorus that’s strong enough for any Oi! song.

This formula is evident on almost every song on the CD, but there’s enough variation between songs to make each unique. 

For example, “Strange” is slowed down a bit to an almost jazzlike tempo and features a barrage of crunchy guitars, whereas “Trapped” is a perfect impression of Green Day playing ska-punk.

Overall, this is a strong debut that should bring the band both critical and commercial popularity. The Living End members have proved themselves prolific songwriters who should have plenty of hits to come.

This is easily one of the better punk releases in the past few years.