Sydney Morning Herald

Duran Duran: Still Repeating On You

Author: Bernard Zuel

Look, don’t ask us why – we only report the news, not make it. But someone somewhere has decided that Duran Duran deserve not only a revival, but a tribute. And whether it was large wads of unmarked bills or secret videotapes being used as blackmail, these same evil men and women have coopted significant pop presence for the tribute album UnDone. Dannii Minogue’s lesser known sister, Kylie, for one has teamed up with the vertically challenged/ego enhanced boy wonder Ben Lee to record The Reflex. The favourite band of hairdressers nationally, The Mavis’s, have contributed Planet Earth while the biggest group in the country at the moment, The Living End, have taken on Girls On Film. Yet, the scariest move of all may be the presence of deadly serious rock outfits such as Something For Kate (Ordinary World), Jebediah (Hungry Like The Wolf) and Powderfinger (The Chauffeur). Is this the end? As Simon Le Bon Bon once put it, in his usual poetic way, “some people call it a one-night stand, but we can call it paradise”.