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Roll On

Author: John Everson

The Living End
Roll On

If you’re thirsty for some late ’70s, early ’80s leaning punk rock, check out the latest by the Australian trio The Living End. Originally a rockabilly band, the Melbourne natives have moved to a faster, harder attack over the past five years, bringing to mind the early work of Bad Religion, The Clash, and Green Day. The band has been on the road as openers with Green Day, Blink 182 and The Offspring, and the influence of all those modern punk bands (as well as some manic harmonies with Beatles roots) is readily apparent throughout Roll On, the band’s followup to its 1998 self- titled debut and two prior EPs. While not particularly ground- breaking rock, for anyone with a penchant for that classic U.K. punk sound from the age of The Sex Pistols, The Living End nails it well on Roll On, delivering high octane gems in the title track, “Pictures in the Mirror,” and “Riot on Broadway.” This is fist-pounding, chant-with-every-chorus punk rock.