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Modern Artillery

Author: Mark LePage

The Living End
Modern ARTillery

Girded by “world’s greatest band” hype, an Aussie outfit matures without having decided whether it wants to be Blink 182 or Nick Lowe – and frankly, the Nick Lowe category could use some volunteers. The Living End begins with the requisite punk-pop energy, but the breakout album has an ensemble polish that may be too slick. The Room closes the album making this case clear – a finely honed assembly of precision-tooled moves from the Who to ska-billy to (practically) Dire Straits. Jury out until live show.

The Living End performs Mon- day at Metropolis, 59 Ste. Catherine St. E., with fellow Aussies the Vines and Jet. Tickets cost $25.50. Call (514) 908-9090.