Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Modern Artillery

Author: Ed Masley

While the look and the instrumentation have always shouted “Rockabilly!,” these guys hit the Warped Tour sounding like Australia’s answer to Rancid’s California answer to The Clash.

But this time out, the sound is more like early 1980s power pop – big hooks and sugar-coated harmonies reviving the heart of the British Invasion with punkish abandon. At times, it could pass for the Vapors. Or early Joe Jackson. Or even the Jags. But almost never Rancid. And they still look just as rockabilly – even sound a little rockabilly on occasion.

But the best songs here are purer pop than that.

A record this outragously infectious only comes along so often, and it’s rarely half as sweet. You’ll wish you were falling in love, it’s such a perfect soundtrack for it. But for falling out of love, you’ll want to stick with “is She Really Going Out With Him?” Or “Back of My Hand” by the Jags.