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Living End Hits The Target With ‘Modern Artillery’

Author: Rustin Reber

“Modern Artillery”

The Living End have released three full length albums in the past six years. Yet I’ve never heard of them before. I did break my antenna and give up on radio a few years ago, but I don’t think TLE has probably got much air play anyway. That’s why I love this gig. I get turned on to a lot of great music, including The Living End.

I have to say, when I first got this disc for some reason I just figured it for another faux punk-pop CD. Wrong.

The first track is the epitome of rock and roll. But the Aussies always get it right with rock music. I know they’re classified as punk, and listening to this album you right off think of The Ramones or The Clash or old rockabilly, but I think this punkabilly trio are serving up good old rock and roll at it’s best. 

It’s no surprise that they claim influence from acts such as The Clash, The Cure, Elvis Costello and the Stray Cats. In fact Chris Cheney plays a lot in the similar high octane be-bop style of Brian Setzer.

Oh yeah, by the second time through this CD I was hooked. There’s even a full-on country tune and a few nods to AC/DC. Again it’s just something about down under. Australia rocks.

Anyone who believes rock is dead would do themselves a great service by getting this album.

A lot of critics are drawing comparisons to Green Day, but I say no. These guys are five times the band Green Day is. Which is also a reason they may never be as well known.

There is some fine musicianship on this album. The music is poppy and fun, happy music. Not quite as commercially friendly as they were likely trying for, but for that I’m glad. A bit of diversity is good.

Anyway, as soon as I get a little extra cash I’m going down to Eden Music and buying a copy of “Modern Artillery.”