Casanovas Turn On The Charm

Author: Ben McEachen

Meaty riffs, cocky swagger and bar-room ballbreakers are a strong currency on the world’s music market once again. With a rich heritage of pub rocking, it’s little wonder that Australia has umpteen contemporary bands rising to the top of modern rock.

Having recently joined forces for the “Aussie Invasion” tour of the US, Jet, the Vines an the Living End all owe a big debt to the pioneering likes of AC/DC.

The Casanovas are another cranking Oz outfit which can’t dodge AC/DC comparisons. Rather than fight this, Casanovas bassist and vox guy Damian Campbell says the band embraces and runs with its influences.

“We just love all that stuff so much,” says Campbell of what inspires the band’s dirty rock – everything from 1970s punk rock to Dr Hook. “The sound we get is always going to have that AC/DC kind of (sound)…(But) We never go about trying to be an AC/DC cover band, you know what I mean?”

The Casanovas are yet to encounter Acca Dacca in the flesh but Campbell’s heard some interesting tales of Australia’s rock kings. “Actually, the Living End did a couple of show with them and they had some really good stories to tell us.”

Like what? “They’re (AC/DC) all really quiet and like hobbits – they’re all (short).”