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Pale Ale Assisting In The Aussie Invasion

Author: Unknown

Fans of The Living End are probably aware that the energetic Melbourne band has been touring relentlessly over the past 6 months, promoting the latest album “Modern Artillery”. You may not be aware though, that all three members are partial to Pal Ale. During March & April TLE teamed up with The Vines and Jet for the “Aussie Invasion” tour of the U.S. and Canada before going on to support some big name American acts in may and June. It was midway through the Aussie Invasion that Lynn McDonnell, from Warner Brothers Music, contacted Frank in customer service looking for Pal Ale in her hometown of L.A. Lynn went on to explain that she was hosting a BBQ for the tireless tourers and wanted to put on a few Pal Ales for the boys. After we relayed the story to our U.S. distributors, Preiss Imports, Lynn was able to pick up three complimentary cartons of Pale Ale from their office in Cerritos, California. A big thankyou to Henry and the team at Preiss Imports for their assistance! The week after the BBQ, Lynn emailed some photos of Scott, Chris and Andy enjoying a Pale Ale or two during the short break in their hectic schedule. It was the least we could do for three hard working Aussie Ambassadors with great taste in beer.