Salt Lake Tribune

The Living End, June 15 In The Venue

Author: Dan Nailen

Australia’s The Living End has never enjoyed the kind of breakthrough that many of its pop-punk peers have, but it certainly isn’t for a lack of chops. During a rapid-fire, energetic set at in The Venue, the trio unleashed a worthy barrage of its rockabilly influenced sound on a small but enthused audience, racing through songs from its three US-released albums with nary a breath between. Singer/guitarist Chris Cheney proved a worthy guitar hero, delivering a series of stinging solos through the night while stand-up bassist Scott Owen provided a fun visual counterpoint, standing on his bass while he played it at one point. From “Prisoner of Society” from its first album, to “What Would You Do?” and “Jimmy” from the new “Modern Artillery” album, The Living End made good on its reputation as a worthy live act.