The Weekender

Modern Artillery

Author: Joe Student

“Modern Artillery”
The Living End

With a punk sound laced with oodles of pop and rockabilly, Australian trio The Living End, is still hoping that its sound will connect as well with Americans as it has with its countrymen in The Land Down Under.

On its latest release “Modern Artillery.” tracks such as “Who’s Gonna Save Us?,” “Tabloid Magazine” and “Short Notice,” the band delivers with scintillating hooks and anthemic choruses.

For most of the record, vocalist/guitarist Chris Cheney, bassist Scott Owen and drummer Andy Strachan meld well to present a kinder, gentler pop punk.

Sometimes though, it’s too gentle. On “In the End” and “Putting You Down,” the group’s sensitive side is much less entertaining than the one that allows it to take the best of blink 182 and the Stray Cats and make the marriage work.

TLE can do better.

Rating: B-

Joe Student, Weekender Editor