Sunday Mail

That’s Our Rocker Boy

Author: David Nankervis

There will be a couple of special guests at the Adelaide performance of Australia’s leading pop-punk band The Living End – and the pair won’t be hard to spot.

The band’s South Australian-born drummer, Andy Strachan, will be joined by parents John and Wendy, aged in their late 50s, at next month’s Thebarton Theatre gig.

Mum and Dad, however, won’t be taking to the stage or mosh pit, although they will be bopping along to the band’s hits, including Prisoner Of Society and All Torn Down.

“They stay clear of the fashion and don’t have any piercings, but they will definitely be there,” Strachan, 30, said. “They came to our last show at the Governor Hindmarsh and had the best possie, right behind the mixing desk, and were dancing to the music.

“When I was learning the drums at home, they didn’t care about the noise – they are just the ultimate parents.”

Strachan, formerly with Polyanna, has been drumming for The Living End since replacing Travis Demsey in 2001. He said band friendship was the most important ingredient when he joined the Melbourne-based group.

“I got together with Scott Owen and Chris Cheney for a beer before I auditioned because I knew we would be in each other’s face with all the touring and recording,” Strachan said.

“Luckily we can laugh at each other’s jokes and have jelled as well on stage as we have off, which is always important.”

The Living End performs with Dallas Crane on October 3. Bookings 8225 8888.