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Andy Strachan

Author: Unknown

Andy Strachan and The Living End are with no doubt one of the hardest working bands in Australia. In 2004 the band released a singles collection from the last 7 years titled “From Here On In”. Coupled with sell out tours around Australia, Japan and a stadium tour of the States with No Doubt and Blink 182 it is easy to see why they are always a favourite. After years of looking for the right live and studio sound, Andy has finally settled on Pearl’s MHX 4 ply Mahogany drums. Finished in Pearls Retrospec colour Red Onyx and coupled with black fittings this kit needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

Pearl MHX Drums
Kick Drum – 24″x 16″
Rack Tom – 13″x 9″
Floor Tom – 16″x 16″
Floor Tom – 18″x 16″
Snare Drum – 14″x 6.5″

Zildjian Cymbals
14″ Z Custom Hi Hats
22″ K Custom Ride
18″ Z Custom Crash
19″ Z Custom Crash
20″ Z Custom Crash

Remo Drum Heads
Coated Emperors on Toms
Powerstroke 3 on Kick
CS Dot or Emperor-X on snare

Vic Firth Sticks
1A Wood Tip.