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Big Day’s Triumphant End

Author: Lauren McMenemy

The Living End’s drummer, Andy Strachan, might be Adelaide born and bred, but his memories of SA racing are well, a little different.

“Only when my mum was driving – and that’s a true story. She’s a leadfoot,” he laughed.

Confidential caught up with The Living End yesterday after they finished a soundcheck for the after-race concert.

And the big fan in the band? That’d be bass player Scott Owen.

“I’m a bit of a fan of Group A racing,” he admitted. “I was always a Peter Brock fan when I was in school, so I still (love) the V8s and the smell of fuel.”

But of course, the racing was a mere backdrop to the real matter at hand – a night of quality oz rock from The Living End and fellow Victorians Magic Dirt.

The band, one of the best live acts in the country, even managed a crowd for its soundcheck – albeit a small one. And they’re not really sure if the crowd was watching them of the big screens.

“I think that’s what the vibe was – a quiet beer and get a bit of shade, watch the TV screens while the Formula Fords are on,” reckoned Owen.