The Push

Pushover 2005

Author: Reuben Cheok

The day was hot, the sun belted down and the surging crowd was blistering. The noise was deafening, yet strangely comforting. The setting, perfect. In what was supposed to be the most anticipated all ages music event this year, the world-renown Melbourne weather turned out its best and rewarded the 3000 strong, sell-out crowd.

The PUSH START bands took centre stage, lapping up the adoring, screaming crowd below. Belting out well rehearsed numbers, the energy was never lacking. Although not to be out shadowed by the new emerging bands, this years line up had more up their sleeves. From the punk rock AFTER THE FALL, the lush guitar melodies from BEHIND CRIMSON EYES to last years electrified Push Start winner THE VASCO ERA – each showcased a live concert as if it were their last.

In the humidity upstairs, a different sort of battle was taking place. Hip Hop BBOYS & BGIRLS took to the floor and dazzled mere-mortals with their acrobatic dance style. Divided into the IRON CHEFS and PUSHOVER contestants, the two groups took turns in twisting, kicking, bending and rotating. JEZROC, LADIESLUVHIPHOP, MC ELF TRAZPORTER and SOLOMON KLEPTO provided groovy beats and sassy rapping to keep the dance floor spinning and packed.

No doubt the highlight was THE LIVING END. Capturing the hearts of young everywhere, the charming trio could do no wrong. Ducking shoes and watching the crowd action, Chris Cheney, Scott Owen & Andy Strachan provided all the elements to make any crowd go ballistic. Pleasing them with anthems such as “Second Solution”, “All Torn Down” and of course “Prisoner Of Society”, – they also found time to showcase their new material. THE LIVING END showed us how to enjoy rock, defy authority but show respect to those unsung heroes of today.

PUSH OVER 2005. It came. It conquered. It ROCKED.