Staying Live Close To Home

Author: Unknown

Thousands of soft drink-swilling music fans descended on Rod Laver Arena for the Melbourne leg of the year’s biggest cross-promotional event. About 11,000 people packed Sunday’s Coke Live ‘n Local event, which boasted only punters who had bought (and peeled the label from) a bottle of the fizzy beverage.

The ‘local’ component came in the form of home-grown acts The Spazzys, Dallas Crane, Spiderbait and The Living End, while P Money’s inclusion on the bill showed that in a globalised world, New Zealand is practically next door.

Despite their diverse styles – punk rock and hip-hop are strange bedfellows, aren’t they? – acts were tied by a jungle backdrop and spectacular light show.

Live music zealots Henry and Andrew from MacKillop College took time out from their own band, Sensei, to see how the big guns do it, while others just wanted to lap up the atmosphere.

Regardless of motivation, everyone showed their gratitude for admission to the exclusive event by joining in a Mexican wave.

And, in Aaron, Miles, Georgie and Mich’s case, by publicly thanking their mum for the Coke.