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The Living End On Your Radio

Author: Angelo Vo

There’s been a few hic-cups along the way – most notably a car accident – but The Living End are finally back with their latest release, ‘What’s On Your Radio.

Angelo Vo asks Chris Cheney, The Living End’s vocalist and guitarist what he plays on his radio

What’s On Your Radio is the first single taken from The Living End’s upcoming album due out February next year. But you shouldn’t take this song as a sign of what’s to come, says Chris Cheney on the band’s web diary. “For anyone that’s interested and is thinking this is the template for the new album then guess again! I would say this album is closer to Roll On [their 2000 release] as far as variety but it is so much stronger.”

Doing what all bands live to do, they’ll be playing at some of the summer festivals – Homebake and Big Day Out – and Cheney says punters should be gearing up for a mix of the old and the new at those shows. “We are stoked about playing the Big Day Out and can’t wait to play new stuff on that tour as well as [on] our own other upcoming shows. I think we all agree it’s time to play new songs and mix up the setlist some more. EP songs anyone?” writes Cheney.

“Having a new record about to come out means promo time and that means plenty of interviews. I guess it’s the worst part of the job but it’s still pretty easy and if all we have to do is talk about music then it’s all good.”

A wise one, that Cheney, because indeed we did interview him. And since The Living End are singing about the radio, we decided to ask some questions on the subject.

You’re on a road trip with a few friends, what’s playing on the radio?
Chris Cheney: “I hope we are, but probably The Eagles.”

We all did it, made mixed tapes with songs taped off the radio. What was the first song you taped?
Working Class Man
by Jimmy Barnes.

Late one rainy night a love song dedication is made. It’s for you. What song is it?
You Are My Sunshine.

You’re dedicating the love of your life a song, what would you pick?
True Love Ways
– Buddy Holly.

You’re listening to talkback radio and you’re compelled to ring up. What’s made you so enraged?
I dunno, people who want speed limits increased?

Select a three-song radio playlist you’d like to listen to as you get ready to go out on a Friday night.
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
– The Beatles; Rock This Town – The Stray Cats; Friday On My Mind – The Easybeats.

CDs, MP3s or transistor radio, what’s your indulgence?

Did the video kill the radio star?
Most definitely yes… it’s too complicated and I’m too tired to go there… blame Elvis.

You wake up in the morning to your radio alarm clock, what would be playing?
Good Morning
– You Am I.