Long Necks (AKA The Living End)

Author: Unknown

The Corner has employed the services of an MC for their series of celebratory gigs who was neither funny nor interesting with her sexual innuendo banter. Thankfully she didn’t go on for too long, we really just wanted her announce the bands and piss off!

I don’t confess to be too familiar with Even’s catalogue nor their live show but they graced the corner stage with a confidence and spirit that you know they have played there before. Casual and content, Even belted tunes from their entire catalogue, the voice and guitar of Even, Ash, playing with gusto and passion. Rock N Roll Saved My Life was the stand-out for me, it’s just a damn fine tune and it sums up what Even are all about, rock ‘n’ roll.

The Living Ed treated us with a great selection of tracks from their ever growing catalogue. From the older tracks, Second Solution, West End Riot and their new tunes like Tabloid Magazine and What’s On Your Radio, the lads ripped through them with energy and precision. The guys also proved to us once again their skills as musicians with spontaneous jams (Psycho Hillbilly Thrash) and extended brekadowns and intros.

You don’t get to see a bands of this caliber in an intimate venue too often, the energy that is expelled by The Living End is sometimes lost in larger venues. Thank you for an awesome night guys and Happy 10th Birthday, The Corner.

The Living End

What do you want for Christmas?
Andy Strachan: “Peace, love and understanding.”

What’s your favourite Christmas song?
“The Little Drummer Boy.”

What would you give John Howard for Christmas?
“An eyebrow trimmer.”

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
“Backyard cricket after a few too many…”

Complete this sentence: ‘Christmas comes but once a year…’
“…So eat lots of turkey and drink lots of beer.”