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Rollercoaster Festival

Author: Unknown

Someone should tell TLE that Boxing day is a time for rest. The rocking trio will be working on entertaining music lovers at Mandurah’s music festival Rollercoaster they day after Christmas and have a small job for fans. Chris Cheney wants everyone to do their best Todd Mckenney impersonation by taking score cards to rate material from the band’s forthcoming album, State Of Emergency.
“It would be good if we could get the audience to hold up a few scorecards so we could get a bit of feedback on the new stuff,” Cheney says.

The album is not due for release until Fed 6, but the band has been providing a sneak peek of things to come at recent live shows.
“We’ve been throwing a few new songs around into our live set and they have gone down really really well,” Cheney says. “We really wanted to test them out and i think that is the best way to do it, just by throwing ourselves in the deep end.”

Despite having only finished the album “About 48 hours ago” Cheney says he is confident that album No.4 is the band’s best.
“I feel so much better about this album then any of our others,” he says. “It is the album we had to make.”
“Even from the intial writing stage, I just pushed myself to outdo everything we have ever done and after that it was a matter of fine tuning. We have laboured over it with long hours and many headaches, but i feel that we’ve done it.
“There is some different stuff on the album. We just felt if we were going to have a live outside the fast 3 chord punk-rock sort of stuff, then we had to prove it to the audience. So we are up for it.”

The new album is not the only project Cheney will unveil in the new year. He is about to become a first time father early next month.
“I am very excited about it,” He says “But i’m also a bit apprehensive.”

Does he worry that having a youngster around will force him to tame his wild rock and roll ways?
“I have spoken to a few people and they have said ‘Oh yeah when we had kids everything changed’ and I was like ‘Nooooooo’. But other people have said it doesn’t have to change. If anything, I think it will just make me feel a bit more comfortable as a person.”