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State Of Emergency

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The Living End are on fire. They will be releasing their fourth studio album ‘State of Emergency’ on Saturday Feb 4 with a bonus limited edition DVD titled, ‘How to Make an Album and Influence People. This will also tie in with ‘Wake Up’, the second single to be released from the album on Saturday Feb 18.

ChillOut! had a chat with drummer Andy Strachan to find out more.

What are you up to?
A: We are busy, a few concerts, the album coming out and then Big Day Out – so it is all happening and we can’t complain. We are really happy to do all these things because if no-one cared about us we would be very upset.

How did the concerts go – I have been reading that there were lots of children at your concerts, some 12 years old?
A: We did a tour last year for the From Here On In DVD and we noticed a huge number of young people coming to the show – a whole new fanbase and that is really inspiring. We also did the Coke Live ‘n’ Local tour and that was predominately kids and we feel very blessed that we have this oppirtunity to captrue this new audience. It is great – we go out and play to lots of new faces.

What’s the reson for gaining these young people – apart from your great music?
A:To be honest I don’t know, but I think that a lot of the kids got into the band have passed their cds to their younger freinds and siblings.

Tell me about State Of Emergency
A: We always wanted to record a live album because that is what we do best, so we thought we could bash it out real quick – but working on the songs they took on a life of their own and some of them warranted more time being spent on them. At the then of the day sitting back and listening the album it was the right choice. If we had half-baked them, it would have been dissapointing.

Was there an urgency to finish the album?
A: There was a deadline, but deadlines were meant to be broken. We always have deadlines in the back of our minds but they also resognised what was doing on and knew it was the right path to follow. I think it has been well worth it. Chris often had to rush the vocals and on this one he has really nailed the vocals.

What reaction have you had to the new tracks?
A: Nothing but good – it is really inspiring and we are so happy with this album and there is not a song that we wouldnt like to play live. That was one of the goals from the outset that we wanted to make an album full of songs that we are happy to play live and that feel good to play live. It all just makes us want to get out and play the shows that we have coming up.

What have you got planned now?
A: We have the Big Day Out concerts and when they are over we are off to the US and Japan and then back home to tour with the album.

What do you like about Japan?
A: The people there are just amazing. The first time I went the guys were all saying you will love Japan and I was like – all right, let me see what I think. But from the moment I stepped off the plane I fell in love with the place – the people and the fans at gigs are just so appreciative of what you do – very appreciative – very laid back. It is so different to Australia, it is a culture shock but a good one. There is such a great respect that they have for one another – especially the younger kids to the older people – that is lacking in a lot of countries. Respect goes a long way.

Check the guys out at the Big Day Out on Feb 5.