The Living End

Author: Miriam Kauppi

Scott Owen, Double Bass and Vocals

Which talent, not related to music would you most like to have?
I’d like to be a magician.

What magic would you do?
Not black magic, that’s for sure.

Just rabbits out of hats?
And making things disappear.

What’s your greatest extravagance?
Beer. Beer is extravagant, isn’t it?

Not in your line of work, I would have thought it was mandatory.
Well it is, but it’s extravagantly mandatory. Not many people get to drink every day.

Imagine you could put together the ultimate supergroup. Who would be in the band you would most like to watch?
Paul McCartney on bass, Joey Costello (Queens Of The Stone Age) on drums, Elvis Costello on guitar and lead vocals, Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) on lead guitar, and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) on piano.

And what song would they cover?
Blue Suede Shoes, by Elvis.

What is the best advice anyone has given you about music, and who gave it?
It was Chris Cheney (lead singer, The Living End) and the advice was to practice, practice and practice. We were in high school together and he’s already been studying guitar for a long time. We both discovered rockabilly music, which no one else was listening to at the time. We just fell in love with it and thought, ‘let’s start playing it’.

Were you studying upright bass at school?
I was actually learning piano when I was at school. I didn’t see a future in a band as a piano player. I thought bass was more appropriate.

What is the secret to The Living End’s success?
In the beginning we had a lot of drive. We would play the supporting gig at a small pub and then think, ‘one day we want to headline here then move on to bigger and better things’. We still have the same attitude. I think that is the most important thing about this band., we are all willing to put in as much hard work as it takes because we love it.

The Living End’s new album, State Of Emergency, is released in February 2006.