The Buzz

The Living End – State Of Emergency

Author: Jason Lowe

The latest offering from The Living End, State Of Emergency is perhaps their most accomplished yet with a new maturity and diversity to accompany their familiar and uniquely identifiable sound. There are not as many frenzied moments in that speeded-up-rockabilly method though it is still employed (and successfully), in the first single ‘What’s On Your Radio’ as on previous works, and in its place is a more polished pop-rock feel with a range of melodies and tempos. The catchy hooklines are still there, and there’s plenty of punk power remaining but the lyrics create stories in an ‘All Torn Down’ fashion more often than on earlier albums. The successful combination of garage rock with great pop sensibilities and a touch of ska brings to mind the joy of the first two Australian Crawl albums. Every song is enjoyable but among the highlights are ‘Long Live The Weekend’, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, ‘One Step Behind’ and ‘Order Of The Day’ as well as the powerful title cut and the opening track ‘Till The End’. Perhaps the band feels this is the start of a new chapter in the their history after the era-closing compilation released last year.