State Of Emergency

Author: Natalie Schmeiss

THE LIVING END – State Of Emergency

Some bands go through life trying to discover and rediscover something new about their sound. Sometimes it’s to maintain their own interest, and sometimes it’s just because they’re wankers, but The Living End are an exception. They know who they are, they know what they’re good at and they know that we know… and we like it. They’re the kings of blistering live performances, stirring a festival crowd into frenzy and penning a hook-heavy song like nobody’s business. Spoilt for choice with a list of over 40 possible tracks to record, The Living End certainly weren’t experiencing a state of emergency with this latest release. Opening with Till The End you’ll immediately feel at home – it’s that signature rhythm, it gets you every time. No Way Out and Nothing Lasts Forever shift the tempo slightly, with a smoother melody line and plenty of harmonies for a really fresh break in the beats. If What’s On Your Radio wasn’t really doing it for you, there’s plenty that outshine it across the 14 tracks. The golden goose is still laying, and for now that’s a good thing.