Sunday Mail

State Of Emergency

Author: Paul Nassari

Energetic Australian rock trio The Living End reappears after a few low-profile years top pull its career back into shape.

With one defiant and catchy nu-punk rock anthem after the other, it tore up the charts and scored a slew of fans and it pulls out all the stops here to reclaim its throne.

Slower new single Wake Up riskily bucks the trend. While less exciting than previous singles, its them stay true. Most songs follow the old End tradition with We Want More, One Step Behind and Long Live The Weekend giving past glories a run for their money.

The record is filled with highlights that could fit the soundtrack to many lives like a glove. What’s On Your Radio sounds set for the top of the charts with irresistible hooks galore.

Brimming over with potential singles from start to finish, State Of Emergency is a winner.