Makin’ A Crust

Author: Miriam Kauppi

Rae Harvey, Manager, The Living End

What’s going on?
Releasing the single Wake Up, getting a national tour up and on sale, working on new merchandise ideas, negotiating a Japanese record deal, and attending the South By South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas/ I’ve also been overseas to secure interest from US labels for the album.

Stuck in the middle
I’m the middle person in all communication for everything. It’s tough to keep everyone focused. Communication is the key word in management.

Time to reflect
When Chris (Cheney, lead singer and guitarist) had his car accident in 2002 everything came crashing to a halt. It made me realise what is important in life. The band had to start all over again.

The highlight
Definitely this album, State Of Emergency, debuting at No. 1. Everyone worked so hard on this record.