The Recorder (Port Pirie)

The Living End ‘Amped Up’

Author: Unknown

Heads up Port Pirie, you are about to be bombarded by one of Australia’s best live bands, The Living End.

Surfing the wave of success from their latest album release, State Of Emergency, the internationally acclaimed trio of Chris Cheney, Scott Owen and Andy Strachan will be headlining the Triple J Port Pirie One Night Stand.

Vocalist Cheney took time out of a heavy international touring schedule to speak with The Recorder before a show in New Zealand.

He warned Port Pirie fans to expect a “full on” show on April 12 at Memorial Oval.

“I think that we always give 100 percent… so just brace yourself and watch out for the sweat.” he said.

Not bad for a band that is playing free in a city they have heard nothing about until now.

“It is great to go somewhere that wouldn’t normally be on the tour schedule,” Cheney said.

“We have always tried to play everywhere. Anyway, country towns tend to let down their hair more.” he added.

When asked whether the band would be focusing on songs from SOE or playing some of their classic hits including Prisoner Of Society, Cheney assured long-time fans they would be “playing a good mix of everything”.

“We are really enjoying playing our new stuff as we think it is the best we have ever written.” Cheney said.

The Living End have long been known for their energetic and cheeky punk rock anthems, but with SOE the band revealed a deeper, more mature side to their music and lyrics.

“We wanted this album to be a step up in every way… we pushed ourselves to explore musical themes that we hadn’t really touched before,” Cheney said.

“The anthemic thing doesn’t always have to be fast and shouty – there is more to this band than three-chord punk rock songs. We are capable of producing songs with real depth.”

The only thing The Living End has heard about the city of Port Pirie is its outstanding One Night Stand submission.

“We heard you guys had an outstanding number of people who wanted this and we hear it is a really rockin’ town – what more do we need?” Cheney asked.

“We are really amped about playing, so thank you very much in advance.”