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Inside My CD Collection

Author: Unknown

Chris Cheney, frontman for The Living End, is one of Australia’s hottest guitarist/vocalists. The band is embarking on its State Of Emergency tour and has sold out the first show. Tickets are available for Saturday, May 20 at Festival Hall. Bookings 13 61 00.

First CD bought:
Stray Cats’ Built For Speed. I remember going to a friend’s place to listen to it as we didn’t have a CD player at our house as they were so new at the time. I also couldn’t believe how clean it sounded compared with the crackle of vinyl.

Worst CD in your collection:
Spandau Ballet’s The Singles Collection. I don’t know how it got there and it doesn’t get played. It does make the rest of the CDs look good, though.

The first CD you would play to your children:
The Beatles’ Abbey Road. The best introduction to the world of music. It has it all from the simplicity of Octopus’s Garden to the complex side-two song medley. Genius.

Arranging your CDs:
I have quite a lot of CDs and we had it arranged alphabetically until we moved house. Now it’s somewhat of a mess.

Favourite CD right now:
Dion DiMucci, Born To Be With You. I had heard so much about this album and finally found it in Japan. The album was produced by Phil Spector and has the most amazing songs and typical lush Spector production.

Shopping for music:
Anywhere and everywhere.

Best buy:
Sammy Davis Jr US box set for $20!

CD you love but everyone hates:
Air Supply. This and Little River Band are my first musical memories. As a kid my folks played this in the car. We used to travel to Bathurst every Easter for the motorbike races and these would be on constant repeat. And Burton Cummings – Stand Tall.

Driving music:
Glen Campbell, Junior Brown, Squeeze, The Ordinary Boys, The Jam – it all depends where I’m going.