The Living End / Gyroscope / Kisschasy

Author: Bianca Valentino

BCC Sat May 13

Victoria’s Kisschasy and Western Australia’s Gyroscope supported tonight. Kisschasy won over the crowd with their pop rock sensibilities playing songs from United Paper People while Gyroscope, who are no stranger to supporting The Living End – the band playing nationwide on TLE’s Modern Artillery tour in 2003 – ripped it up with their experimental yet catchy rock. Singles Fast Girl and Safe Forever were highlights of their set.

The Living End are a force to be reckoned with, and tonight’s sold out show testament to the fact that they are one of Australia’s finest. They opened with the first single from their latest album, State Of Emergency, What’s On your Radio? The crowd bouncing from word go!

Next up was Second Solution featuring a slightly loungey breakdown which had the crowd clapping along while guitar hero Chris Cheney involved the audience in a spot of call and response for the chorus. Cheney then informed the crowd “There won’t be much talking tonight just lots of rock & roll” which they delivered with next song I Can’t Give You What I Haven’t Got, followed by Who’s Going To Save Us, Save The Day and the stomping We Want More. Don’t Stop What You’re Doing (No Way Out) bought the tempo and intensity down a notch enough for everyone to catch a breather, then Monday had everyone bouncing again. One Step Behind saw two thirds of Hunters & Collectors join TLE in the form of a horn section. Black Cat was played for all the rockabilly cats in the audience – which aren’t too many these days. All Torn Down keep the energy going followed by a medley of songs off their Hellbound, For Your Own good and first EP – a nice surprise that worked well. Prisoner Of Society, Till The End, Wake Up, Long Live The Weekends, Uncle Harry and Roll On finishing up the set with the band returning for an encore which included the jewel in their punk rock crown, West End Riot. The Living End still one of Australia’s best punk rock bands ever!