Cadenza (Washington University)

The Living End

Author: Unknown

Just in time for the wrap-up of the semester is The Living End. This trio from Australia is an interesting band in its own right. Utilizing an upright bass and backing vocals from the drummer, this punkabilly band is definitely different than most bands today. The Living End got its big break from Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day fame) and from there has launched an international career, with its debut album going five times platinum.

With solid beats and clear vocals, The Living End manages to create an exciting environment within each f the songs it performs. This huge sensation within Oceania has been given multiple awards for live performances. Holding the title of Best Live TV Appearance, it’s no big gamble to say they are going to put on a great show. While they no longer use the standup drum kit, they still oftentimes dress in ’50’s-style suits. Think Panic! At The Disco style, just less emo.

If it’s good enough for Billie Joe, it’s good enough for me.

Show: Dec. 1 Tickets $12 or FREE with Wash. U. ID