Surf Coast Times

Andy steps into The Pants Collective

Author: Tiffany Pilcher

BARWON Heads’ resident rock star Andy Strachan has released his first EP from his new project, The Pants Collective.

Strachan has been perched behind the drums with The Living End for the past 12 years and collaborated with bandmate Scott Owen and Ash Grunwald for Gargantua in 2013.

This is his first stint standing centre stage and he said it’s been an eye-opening experience.

“It’s so daunting: I’m still well and truly behind the drum kit: it’s my safety blanket.

“It’s that own-voice syndrome thing: you know when you hear yourself on voicemail or on a video and It makes you cringe? It’s exactly like that.

“I’m glad I’m doing it, It’s a new challenge and it’s fun, that’s what we all strive for in music.”

The collective includes producer Woody Annison and an assembly of Strachan’s friends who have dropped into his “man room” over the past eight years.

The result is an assortment of bluesy tunes influences ranging from reggae to his more familiar rockabilly stylings.

“It’s not really a traditional band, the process was very informal,” Strachan said.

“I like the idea that it’s a collective, even a car needs a driver and I guess that’s me, but really it’s a group of mates jamming and recording.

“The intention is for it to continue to grow, I’m not sure which direction it will grow in, but that’s the best part.”

Strachan said while nothing is scheduled yet, some local gigs are on the horizon.

The Pants Collective EP was recorded at Ocean Grove ‘s GreenMan studios and is available now on iTunes.